Democrat AGs Really Want Trump To Keep Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Most of these Attorney Generals are also involved in harassing Exxon and lots of private organizations, demanding all their correspondence on a fishing trip to intimidate them and shut down their 1st Amendment Rights, such as NY AG Eric Schneiderman, who has had multiple suits thrown at him

(NY1) State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is spearheading an effort to save one of President Barack Obama’s plans to curb global warming.

In a letter sent Thursday, Democratic attorneys general in 15 states urged President-elect Donald Trump to preserve Obama’s Clean Power Plan. It seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by about one-third by 2030, but it’s being blocked by lawsuits from states and fossil-fuel companies.

The Supreme Court halted the plan in February while the lower court reviews the litigation.

Trump has stated that the CPP is gone when he gets into office, regardless of how the courts rule. We’ll see if that happens when he assumes office. Regardless, if these Dem AGs like the plan so much, they should lobby their governors and general assemblies to institute the policies at the state level, burdening their Democrat voting citizens with the higher costs and shakier power grid.

We also learn

(TPM)  Fourteen Democratic state attorneys general urged Donald Trump in a letter sent Wednesday to have his administration continue defending President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a monumental effort to address climate change that is the target of a lawsuit brought by more that two dozen, largely conservative states.

The letter also rebutted the legal arguments that some of the attorneys general suing Obama over the regulations made in their own letter sent to Trump earlier this month. The signees threatened to sue Trump if he followed those red state officials’ advice to simply instruct the Environmental Protection Agency not to enforce the climate plan.

Twenty four states have sued the Obama administration regarding the CPP. Trump’s best option is to simply cancel the CPP with a wave of his pen. If this is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for Trump.

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