It May Never Snow For Christmas In Cambridge Again Or Something

The return of the “snowfall is a thing of the past” meme, which started with The Independent, and has since been deleted, probably due to it being yet another failed Warmist prognostication. It certainly hasn’t stopped other Warmist news outlets from trotting out the crazy, because a good talking point, no matter how anti-science it is, will never be discarded by the Cult of Climastrology. Here we go again

Why it may never snow again in Cambridge at Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones you used to know? Unfortunately snowfall on Christmas day may be a thing of the past, as climate change causes temperatures to rise in December.

According to figures released by the Met Office, we are more likely to see snowfall between January and February than December.

Oli Clayton, a spokesperson at the Met Office, told the News ,:“Climate change has also brought higher average temperatures over land and sea, which has generally reduced the chances of a white Christmas.”

The Met Office is renowned for getting their predictions right, ya know.

“Typically, in December there are only two days where snow settles on the ground, and in December the chances of those two days happening on Christmas are quite slim.”

Cambridge had its last white Christmas in 2010, which Dr Cain said was a “surprise”. She added: “As the UK’s average temperatures are increasing, snow on the ground is less frequent as temperatures are not dropping below zero. When Cambridge had a white Christmas in 2010 it was an unusually cold patch, and it took us all by surprise as it was out of the ordinary.”

So, wait: the chances of a white Christmas, heck, snowfall in December, is already historically unlikely? So, it’s just the normal climate, not Hotcoldwetdry?

Professor Aled Jones, director of the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, said: “It is 200 years since we have regularly had white Christmases in the UK so it is not likely we will have a snowfall in the next two weeks. Although a lot of factors impact the weather, weather patterns are shifting due to climate change, which is creating warmer and wetter Decembers.”

So, it was apparently normal back during the Little Ice Age, but, in what is a typical Holocene Warm Period, it has to be due to people driving fossil fueled vehicles. These people think you’re stupid. Sadly, a goodly chunk of their disciples are stupid.

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