NY Times: Say, Why Isn’t The DNC Trying To Thwart The Election Results?

Uber-partisan hacks David S. Cohen, a law professor and Hillary supporter, and Dalia Lithwick, a moonbat writer from the always reliably nutball site Slate, really really want the DNC and high ranking Democrats to fight back and deligitimize the election of Donald Trump, overturning the election. At some point, you have to realize that this is the view of the people who work and run the NY Times, as well

Do you like how they used a graphic where the entire country is painted blue for Democrats?

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans

On Monday, members of the Electoral College will vote in Donald J. Trump as president. Though he lost the election by nearly three million votes and almost daily generates headlines about new scandals, the Democratic Party is doing little to stop him. If you’ve been asking yourself “Where are the Democrats?” you’re not alone.

Since the election, top Democrats have been almost absent on the national stage. Rather, they have been involved largely in internecine warfare about how much to work with Mr. Trump. The Hillary Clinton campaign, trying to encourage a peaceful transition, has gone almost completely dark, with her most notable appearances coming in selfies with strangers. Nobody deserves downtime more than Mrs. Clinton, but while she is decompressing, the country is moving toward its biggest electoral mistake in history.

Then maybe Democrats should have nominated someone better, right?

There’s no shortage of legal theories that could challenge Mr. Trump’s anointment, but they come from outsiders rather than the Democratic Party. Impassioned citizens have been pleading with electors to vote against Mr. Trump; law professors have argued that winner-take-all laws for electoral votes are unconstitutional;

Since when? If that was the case, Democrats would be in big trouble, because what you’d see are lots of electoral votes in states that typically go Democrat splitting those votes, since in places like NY and NJ there are large swaths of non-urban areas that voter Republican. Be careful what you wish for. But, hey, if the shoe was reversed, these same people would be telling us to respect the system.

a small group, the Hamilton Electors, is attempting to free electors to vote their consciences; and a new theory has arisen that there is legal precedent for courts to give the election to Mrs. Clinton based on Russian interference. All of these efforts, along with the grass-roots protests, boycotts and petitions, have been happening without the Democratic Party. The most we’ve seen is a response to the C.I.A. revelations, but only with Republicans onboard to give Democrats bipartisan cover.

Yeah, remember all the riots, violence, and caterwauling from Democrat voters, with Democrats saying nothing to stop them.

Contrast the Democrats’ do-nothingness to what we know the Republicans would have done. If Mr. Trump had lost the Electoral College while winning the popular vote, an army of Republican lawyers would have descended on the courts and local election officials. The best of the Republican establishment would have been filing lawsuits and infusing every public statement with a clear pronouncement that Donald Trump was the real winner. And they would have started on the morning of Nov. 9, using the rhetoric of patriotism and courage.

No, Republicans wouldn’t. They would have sucked it up just like they sucked up 8 years of Obama. The partisan hack writers attempt to use Florida 2000 as the rationale, but, the situation was different. But, it did give them a chance to whine about Florida 2000.

As Monday’s Electoral College vote approaches, Democrats should be fighting tooth and nail. Instead, we are once again left with incontrovertible proof that win or lose, Republicans behave as if they won while Democrats behave as if they lost. What this portends for the next four years is truly terrifying.

We did win. The White House, the House, the Senate, a goodly chunk of the state legislatures and executive offices, local races, county races, judge races, sheriff races, and, by extension (well, I guess we’ll see who Trump nominates), the Supreme Court.

Democrats say they love our country and democracy and respect our Constitution, but, the only thing they love is power. And will pull any shenanigans to achieve it. It’s going to be a long 4-8 years with these people writing stuff like this, but, they give great copy for posts, wouldn’t you say?

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8 Responses to “NY Times: Say, Why Isn’t The DNC Trying To Thwart The Election Results?”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Impassioned citizens have been pleading withTHREATENING electors to vote against Mr. Trump; …


  2. Jeffery says:

    Why isn’t the DNC doing more?

    Because they agree with most Trumpian and Republican plans.

  3. Jeffery says:

    When presented with the couterfactual that Repubs would have gone batshit crazier if Trumpski had received more votes than Sec Clinton and lost in the EC, Teach types:

    No, Republicans wouldn’t. They would have sucked it up just like they sucked up 8 years of Obama.

    Of course, neither Sen McCain or Gov Romney received more votes than President Obama, did they? What was the RNC going to challenge with Obama? His race? His birth certificate? What makes you think that President Obama was/is illegitimate?

    The point of the article is that the Repubs went balls to the wall in 2000 until the Supreme Court installed W. And the dead in Iraq cry from their graves.

    The DNC dislikes Hillary as much as many Americans do.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    The point of the article is that the Repubs went balls to the wall in 2000 until the Supreme Court installed W.

    The Supreme Court didn’t “install” Bush as the president, the people through a well defined election process did.

    The Democrats in Florida tried to thwart that process and the SCOTUS ruled they couldn’t.

    Once again, you are lying and ignorant of the facts.

    The DNC dislikes Hillary as much as many Americans do.

    Which is why they chose her as their nominee and took illegal actions to freeze out Sanders. That’s why the Democrats are screaming the the leaked emails show how horrible a person she is and how they conspired with her.

    The Dems love Hillary but fortunately, outside the cities, honest and good people saw and see her for what she is.

    She will never be President and will go down in history as snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  5. alanstorm says:

    Jeffty, you don’t NEED to keep displaying your ignorance. You’ve done that enough.

    As you are apparently not aware*, Gore was the one who started the Fight in Florida by conceding, saying “just kidding!”, andfiling suit. The R’s were not the instigators- as usual, it was the D’s, with their sophomoric understanding of reality.

  6. alanstorm says:

    “Fight like Republicans?”

    So he wants the Dems to roll over and surrender, like the R’s usually do?

  7. Dana says:

    Jeffrey wrote:

    The DNC dislikes Hillary as much as many Americans do.

    I guess that’s why they were neutral during the primaries and gave Senator Sanders a completely fair shot.

  8. Dana says:

    If you follow the esteemed Paul Krugman on Twitter, you’ll see him there, every day, tweeting the same bovine feces as was in the opinion column our host cited. With the stories that it was Russian intelligence which hacked the DNC and John Podesta, and gave the material to WikiLeaks, he’s gone full-bore whacko, becoming the Democratic version of the Birthers.

    Sensible people had to live with the odious Barack Hussein Obama as President for eight long years; the left will just have to survive Donald Trump as President for at least four.

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