Latest Trump Outrage: He Went To Dinner Without The Press Pool!

I first heard about this when I walked in from work, turned the TV on, and, being that it was still on MSNBC, I was treated to uber-leftist host Rachel Maddow (who rails against income inequality while getting paid a huge salary) having a meltdown over Trump going to dinner without the press pool. This was terrible! Terrible! Then, this morning, they were still having a tizzy on Morning Joe. Seriously, if this is a Big Deal, the next 4-8 years is going to be a hoot

(NBC News) In a highly unusual move, President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday night left his Manhattan residence without notifying the reporters covering him or giving any indication of where he was going.

The maneuver seemed to deliberately limit access to the media.

The only way the press eventually ascertained his whereabouts was after a Bloomberg reporter, who happened to be dining at the 21 Club, tweeted a photo of Trump and some of his transition team in the Midtown steakhouse.

OMG, no press! It’s anti-Democracy! It’s against the 1st Amendment! I’m not making that up. That’s what one of Morning Joe’s guests actually stated (don’t ask me which one, I was listening, not watching).

(CBS News) President-elect Donald Trump has broken with protocol by leaving his Trump Tower residence without taking along his press contingent.

Protocol! The worst ever!

(CNN) For the second time in a week, president-elect Donald Trump has abandoned precedent and traveled without the “press pool,” a small group of journalists assigned to cover his movements.

His surprise trip on Tuesday evening was met by sharp criticism from some journalists.

Oh, poor babies. Seriously, some are actually calling themselves a “protective pool,” like they are there to protect the President and President-elect, rather than being vultures.

Seriously, there are stories all over the media, all apoplectic over Trump going to dinner without telling them. Which is hilarious, considering the way the media was treated by Obama over all these years. Going back to the NBC fable, we read

A week after the election, Trump hasn’t yet held a press conference, the longest any recent president has waited to speak to the press. That continues a weeks-long drought that’s been going on since mid-summer, when Trump last answered questions from the press.

Obama rarely held press conferences, and went months and months without one. Hillary did the same while she was running for POTUS. The media acted more like slobbering sycophants rather than being Very Upset over this lack of transparency. My goodness, if this riles them up into Level 7 Moonbattery, I can’t wait till he takes office and does something of actual consequence, like approving Keystone XL pipeline, whacking many Obamacare provisions, killing off the Paris climate agreement, etc.

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10 Responses to “Latest Trump Outrage: He Went To Dinner Without The Press Pool!”

  1. Hank_M says:

    Good! I hope he continues to screw the press at every opportunity.

    Then again, maybe he can rope them off the way Hillary did but call it a safe space instead.

  2. o0Nighthawk0o says:


    hey idiots, this is one of the reasons, among many, that he won. We are tired of the some old, same old in Washington.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Jeez, ya know, the next thing this monster will probably do is decertify public employee unions by executive order… the horror!

  4. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Those Bloomberg reporters must make some big bucks. The last time I was at the 21 Club there were four of us and our tab was $960. $1,200 with tip. BTW, that was ten years ago. A lowly reporter can afford a $300+ dinner?

  5. Dana says:

    Mr Trump went out to dinner with his family and aides, at a public restaurant, apparently even dining in the main dining room rather than a private room, and the media seem to think that’s some Big Deal that just has to be reporter. Perhaps the “public’s right to know’ also extends to when Mr Trump uses the restroom?

    And he isn’t even the President, at least, not yet. Right now, he’s still just a private citizen.

    It’s things like this that will help his popularity grow, not shrink.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Seriously, if Thomas Jefferson could see how low the press had sunk, the First Amendment would read, “Screw it, kill them all.”

  7. Jeffery says:

    some are actually calling themselves a “protective pool,” like they are there to protect the President and President-elect

    They protect the public.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Trump’s greatest protection against harm is extremist VP-elect Pence, who is even worse than President-elect Pussy Grabber on domestic issues.

  9. drowningpuppies says:

    Butthurt much, little guy?

  10. Jeffery says:

    Project much, Pink Poodle bottomboi?

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