Times, Post Seem Rather Upset About FBI Reopening Hillary Server Case

By now you’re surely familiar with the FBI bringing back it’s examination of the Hillary email server case. Powerline wonders if this is about Huma Abedin committing perjury, but, I’m not sure that Comey would announce the inquiry in this manner for just perjury, not this close to the election, no matter how close she is to Hillary. Hilariously, Hillary stated

“We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Voting is already underway in our country,” Clinton said. “So the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately.”

“We don’t know what to believe. And I’m sure there will be even more rumors,” Clinton said. “That’s why it is incumbent upon the FBI to tell us what they’re talking about.”

This from a woman who created a private server outside the control of the State Department, didn’t tell anyone about it, had no regards for transparency (nor national security), deleted 33,000 emails when she learned that it was under subpoena in contradiction of the law, obfuscated and delayed all investigations, and did everything to gum up the works. Lied about it. Humorously, the DNC and John Podesta are also calling for transparency from the FBI. They never did for Hillary, of course.

And then we get this from the NY Times editorial board (which, of course, minimizes the whole case, which, really, would have been sent to a grand jury for anyone not named Hillary Clinton)

Mrs. Clinton, as she has acknowledged, is responsible for this mess, which led Friday night to a gobsmacking headline on CNN: “Weiner Sexting Probe Leads F.B.I. to Review Clinton Case.” If she is elected, she will do well to recall that line should she ever consider being less than forthcoming. Her apparent effort to blunt scrutiny by means of that private server has only led to far more damaging scrutiny and suspicion, with no end in sight.

But Mr. Comey’s failure to provide any specifics about a new, potentially important development, less than two weeks before Election Day, is confounding. As Mr. Comey put it in July, “The American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest.” They deserve details even more urgently today.

See? This is mostly the Comey’s fault, and suddenly transparency is required. From the FBI. Of course, the NYTEB has barely asked for the same from Hillary during this whole time, and, certainly, you can imagine the resulting editorials, including on the reopening of the case, had she been a Republican, and they would have been vastly different.

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post Editorial Board, which had previously only chided Mrs. Clinton over her poor conduct, questions the timing

POLITICAL TENSION is running high in the United States, extraordinarily so, we’d say. And so it behooves everyone in a position of official responsibility to do everything he or she possibly can to help maintain stability — while avoiding all avoidable provocations — until the bitter competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump runs its ugly course on Nov. 8.

That is the context for Friday’s announcement by James B. Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that his agency is again looking into Ms. Clinton’s private email server in light of newly discovered emails “that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” Mr. Comey may have had good reason to inform Republican committee chairmen in Congress of the review, but his timing was nevertheless unfortunate, given its potential to affect a democratic process in which millions of people are already voting.

Obviously, their concern is for Hillary’s POTUS chances. They certainly weren’t concerned with the provocations of so far unfounded accusations against Trump, ones which have no actual hard proof that he sexually assaulted anyone decades ago. Just someone saying. Imagine, again, the difference had Hillary been a Republican. They would have cheered this reopening, saying it is good for our democratic process.

Of course, the WPEB does their own schtick in saying that Hillary did not wrong (federal statutes, like the Espionage Act, notwithstanding)

Mr. Comey found himself in a bind when his investigators turned up additional, previously unexamined Clinton emails, apparently on devices belonging to top aide Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, seized during an FBI probe of the latter’s alleged sexual misconduct with a minor. (As if this could not get any more bizarre.) If Mr. Comey failed to tell Congress before Nov. 8 about his decision to review them, he would be accused — again — of a politically motivated coverup. By revealing it, he inevitably creates a cloud of suspicion over Ms. Clinton that, if the case’s history is any guide, is unwarranted. Hence Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s not unreasonable demand that Mr. Comey “immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining.”

What they’re upset over is that this could hurt Hillary. Can you imagine finding this out after the election, one she had won?

The interesting question not being asked is what happens if she wins, and then the FBI decides to recommend prosecution prior to Inauguration Day.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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13 Responses to “Times, Post Seem Rather Upset About FBI Reopening Hillary Server Case”

  1. GOODSTUFF says:

    It can’t get any better for a political blogger

  2. Dana says:

    James Comey serves at the pleasure of the President, and there’s no way on God’s earth he would have announced that the investigation was being reopened, 11 days before the election, unless something was found that was so damning that if he had not reopened the investigation, some agent would have leaked it. By making the announcement, he may forestall that leak, at least until after the election. Mr Comey did Mrs Clinton as much of a favor as he possibly could.

    As terrible a person as Donald Trump is, Hillary Clinton is even worse.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Comey should immediately release the results of the investigation so Americans can decide at the polls. Immediately. It can’t be that time consuming to read 3 emails.

    Or do you prefer that they stand pat with this hanging chad? LOL.

    All politics, all the time.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Don’t you all agree that Director Comey needs to release the results immediately? LOL

  5. Dana says:

    Jeffrey, you won’t like it if the FBI releases those things immediately.

    By announcing the investigation, he may be able to keep the evidence from being released before the election; otherwise it would be leaked anyway . . . and still might be. But being things under possible criminal investigation, it might not even be legal to release the evidence.

    Just how bad are things when Donald Trump is the major party candidate with the better character?

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    The lefts narrative Jeffery is that these are duplicate emails….they are desperately trying to squelch this by demanding he release it as if showing there is nothing to fear….but as Dana says in an investigation you cannot start releasing evidence to the public….(And HRC and the DNC KNOWS THIS…so demanding he release it shows the public they dont fear anything that might be released because they know he cant release anything…..yet.)

    I think the revelations here are more damning to Alba and Weiner then Clinton…..in fact I surmise that if the mafia henchmen HRC HIRED did their jobs she should be insulated from this….however….Remember what happened with Watergate….

    Nixons henchmen took the fall and went to jail…thats because Nixon made sure who he surrounded himself with would fall on the sword for him…..

    What they appear to be looking at is multiple email accounts by Clintons top aid….and if she indeed is storing those emails on a yahoo account that contain classified information which could then be accessible to anyone that Huma gave her password to as in ……foreign nationals who seem to have given an inordinate amount of money to the Clinton foundation in pay for play activities.

    Clinton has already lied multiple times about her server…in fact in direct questioning by the house committee Comey ADMITTED CLINTON LIED TO THE FBI……and this in and of itself is sufficient evidence to lock her up…..not to mention the destruction of evidence is a clear violation. Then she says to the FBI she has turned over all her email to them and then they find more emails that get turned over….and on and on it goes….

    The web of lies and corruption here cannot be understated…..SHE IS RICHARD NIXON INCARNATE….and her only hope is that she can get thru november 8th…then she can pardon herself or have obama do it for her.

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    Could a president pardon himself?

    No one really knows the answer because it has never happened and been litigated. However, the majority view is that a president can pardon himself (assuming he does so prior to impeachment). Art. II Sec. 2 of the Constitution states, in part, that the president “shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    And now if things cant get any worse for the left…..

    A new poll out today by the WSJ/NBC shows that the race is 2 points in favor of Hillary and……..


    this poll does not even reflect the FBI information released yesterday.

    Hillary has lost 9-10 points in one week to Trump…..Because trump has done one thing for a couple weeks now…..

    Remained on message, discussed non stop the issues and offered concrete solutions.

    His numbers are 16 percent among Blacks and rising….His numbers with Hispanics are rising in every poll……

    Trump is offering to tackle the poverty the left counts on for votes…..

    And yet hes a racist because he wants people to migrate here legally….that argument has not worked for quite some time other then in the lefts own minds.

  9. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    The media, bought and paid for by leftist operatives, has been providing Killary cover for her actions for years. The woman is a pig, a racist, an enabler to a sex offender, a liar and crooked as the day is long. She’s been under investigation for one thing or another for decades. But the new Wikileaks also says she’s a dirty drunk too.

    Wikileaks has uncovered yet another scandal for Hillary Clinton. It seems she has a serious drinking problem. From binge drinking at all hours of the day and night to drinking far too much at inappropriate times. Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta had a frantic email exchange with Jennifer Palmieri in August 2015 over who should call the candidate to “sober her up some” at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

    The email thread starts with Podesta emailing aide Jennifer Palmieri with a question at around 2:00 p.m. “Should I call her and talk this through or better to leave with you?” Podesta wrote. “I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl [Mills] and we’ll end up in a bad place.”

    Palmieri wrote back more than two hours later with a response: “I think you should call her and sober her up some.”

    A filthy drunk too? I figure sooner or later they will reveal her physical ticks are from exposure to Bill’s STD’s, probably syphilis.

  10. david7134 says:

    Nixon was a great guy, he kept me out of Vietnam. Hillary is a piece of crap.

  11. Jeffery says:

    DAVID DUKE: The only seat that she should be taking is not in the Oval Office, but maybe in an electric chair if Clinton got justice for her treason against America

  12. Liam Thomas says:

    Awesome usuage of Saul Alinsky jeffery…..No possible way to defend what hillary’s done so you just change the subject to a person who 99.9 percent of those on the right, disown, disavow and would not have anything to do with…….

    Heres one….Anthony Weiner….arent all Democrats like Anthony Weiner….Dont all Democrats love this guy?

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