Super Cold Winter Days Are Now ‘Climate Change’

No matter the question, the answer from the Cult of Climastrology is “climate change!!!!!” And then they jump in their fossil fueled vehicles to go to a demonstration, using their energy sucking smartphones, tablets, and computers, and drinking out of plastic bottles. Over at the George Soros funded Think Progress, Warmist Alejandro Dávila Fragoso is incensed over the latest “report” on the polar vortex

Brace yourself for a bitterly cold winter, as climate change shifts the polar vortex
Scientists have long said global warming will bring extreme weather.

It’s coming back.

The polar vortex that shocked the northeast with extremely cold days may bring more bitterly cold winters to North America, according to a new study.

According to the study, over the past 30 years, the polar vortex has weakened, in part due to Arctic sea-ice loss linked to human-caused climate change. That weakening has prompted a shifted toward Europe and Asia in February. This means unusually cold days may become more common in February and March, the Weather Channel reported. At the same time, Europe is facing warmer winters.

So, warmer and colder. No matter the question, the answer is always to deem it man-induced climate change. They can’t help themselves. This is what people in cults do.

Scientists have long said global warming will bring extreme weather. This is what it looks like.

Of course they did. Hot, cold, wet, dry, snow, lack of snow, cold records, hot records, you name it, they’ll blame it.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a warm, dry winter for much of the country, according to the U.S. Winter Outlook published last week. But that doesn’t mean the polar vortex won’t be capable of bringing record cold days.

So, if most of the winter is dry and warm, and a few days are bitterly cold, it’s your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle and using a hair dryer. And refusing to give up your hard earned money to Government, along with your liberty and modern lifestyle.

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2 Responses to “Super Cold Winter Days Are Now ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Don’t forget. The Earth is warming from increased CO2 in the atmosphere. The CO2 increase is from humans burning fossil fuels.

    The warming is expressed as a mean global surface temperature, but that does not mean every spot on Earth has warmed 1C over the past century. This MASSIVE retention of heat by the Earth is having demonstrable effects on regional climates, including a drastic warming of the north pole and melting of Arctic sea ice. This appears to be weakening and shifting the polar vortex leading to some brutally cold periods in the US.

    It’s understandable that some would express amazement that global warming can cause regional weather extremes, including cold snaps. It’s also understandable that those who deny AGW would demagogue this issue as Teach does.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    The CO2 increase is from humans burning fossil fuels.

    Again you get it wrong…..

    Let me correct you….PART OF THE INCREASE is from humans burning fossil fuels…..

    The rest of the story is in the clear cutting of the amazon rain forest in addition to the amazing loss of timber across the globe as expanding economies call for more and more lumber in which to build infrastructure.

    Additionally with ever expanding populations, more and more food is required…which puts further hardships on the land producing food…meaning less crop rotation and more fertilizers, pesticides and GMO’s. These cause a land to sink less co2 then a land untouched by pesticides and fertilizers….

    remember Fertilizers are made with nitrogen…and what does nitrogen do to Co2.

    Through a recent modeling experiment, a team of NASA-funded researchers have found that future concentrations of carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere and of nitrogen in the soil are likely to have an important but overlooked effect on the cycling of water from sky to land to waterways.

    THIS TREMENDOUS LOSS OF CO2 SINKING FORESTS along with nitrogen enriched soil is the main driver of sharply spiking co2 in the atmosphere.

    For example just google INDIA and their cancer rates in relation to the over use of fertilizers to feed their populations.

    There is more to the story then just fossil fuels and if the left would embrace the entire truth rather then part of the truth then perhaps they would garner more sympathy.

    The AGW crowd has actually taken the eyes off the real problem the world is facing and have done a huge disservice to the world in general.

    I get so tired of people who dont know shit about science other then cutting and pasting to drive a narrative of wanting more tax dollars.

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