Surprise: Dems Blame Republicans For Hoboken Train Crash

This is a horrible situation

(NY Daily News) A train smashed into the terminal of the New Jersey Transit Hoboken station Thursday morning, injuring more than 100 people and killing at least three, officials said.

Passengers posted pictures on social media showing severe damage at the station around 8:45 a.m., with hordes of commuters held up on platforms.

The cause of the crash is unknown.

It’s massive devastation and everything is still breaking, so

Not a hard prediction

And there are plenty more. So far, no elected Democrats have chimed in that I can find. Give them time.

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5 Responses to “Surprise: Dems Blame Republicans For Hoboken Train Crash”

  1. Bruce says:

    Per Cavuto, Pelosi has come out with the Repubs failing to pass legislation as cause of crash

  2. john says:

    Unsure of your point here Teach, are you saying that the GOP Congress HAS kept up our infrastructure?

  3. Hoagie says:

    The Congress does not keep up the infrastructure. It doles out money. What the democrat operatives do after that is anybody’s guess but I assume they do use it to maintain infrastructure after they give the Klinton Foundation their cut and then take their own pay off. Whatever’s left after the democrats divide the spoils I’m sure they spend on infrastructure. At least that seems to be the way it works around here in PA, NJ and NY. They seem to some how pull it off though. I think the US has more miles of streets, roads, highways, turnpikes and bridges than anyone and for the most part they are pretty good. Especially when one considers the size of our country combined with all the different terrains and weather conditions. Unlike education, infrastructure seems to be one area the democrats actually force their union thugs to perform to be paid. Nice job.

  4. barry says:

    Here we go again, the liberals and their blame nonsense. We’re almost $20 trillion in the hole and the liberals are blaming everyone else for lack of funding as the cause. That one idiot even brought up that so called “jobs bill” nonsense.

  5. Deserttrek says:

    the train is in new jersey it is NOT a federal issue and the taxpayer in arizona or elsewhere has no responsibility to fix it ……. only thieves and abusers think it is

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