High Flying Sec Of State Warns Of Future Doom Unless We Move Away From Fossil Fuels

No, not that Sec of State. The other one, who served in Vietnam

(Washington Examiner) Secretary of State John Kerry is warning in a new interview that climate change will wipe out millions of people unless everyone moves away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy.

“We have to move to alternative, renewable energy,” he said in an interview with ATTN. “If we don’t, it’s gonna kill us.”

Well, it’s a good thing Kerry has given up his fossil fuels ways. Otherwise, his flights alone would add up to the CO2 output of more than 2,700 American homes. That doesn’t even count the use of fossil fueled vehicles for business and personal use.

Speaking of the other Sec State

She flew in to Greenville, NC, then hopped back on the plane for the trip to Ashville, NC. I will, say, in all fairness, it would take about 5-6 hours, depending on traffic, to drive.

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5 Responses to “High Flying Sec Of State Warns Of Future Doom Unless We Move Away From Fossil Fuels”

  1. Jl says:

    “It’s gonna kill us.” The dork has absolutely zero proof that anything is going to kill us.

  2. Hoagie says:

    I was not aware Chelsea was a representative of any kind. Or is this another Klepto-Klinton way of grabbing a $100,000 fee? I guess the kid needs to ca$h in too.

    In a fair world that homely dork would be serving French fries at an Arkansas drive-in movie. Instead she joined the 1% at 16. And yet these hypocrite liars are worshipped by the left.

  3. Liam Thomas says:


    But if your a democrat then being a one percenter is A OKAY.

    If your a repub….then your a cowardly racist who only cares about billionaires.

  4. Jeffery says:


    Do you object to Condoleeza Rice, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin, Colin Powell etc making millions giving speeches? Do you find it unseemly? Unethical? Immoral? Or is it just capitalism? Hundreds of celebrities from ex-pols, actors, athletes and dumb partiers make over $100,000 per appearance! Laura Bush is one of the low ones, getting only $75,000 per 40 minute speech. Do you consider Laura a klepto-bush? What would the dumb Bush daughters be doing if their daddy hadn’t been a rich politician? What would the dumb W be doing if his daddy hadn’t been a rich pol?

    In a fair world Sarah Palin would be giving handjobs to old men at $20 a pop. But life isn’t fair is it. Do you object to Bill Clinton paying 39.6% federal tax on his speaking fees?

    The median US household income is $56,000/year. Half the households make more, half make less.

    Do you object to Bill Clinton paying millions in taxes each year to subsidize the healthcare, education, roads, clean air and clean water for the half the households in America who make less in a year than Laura Bush makes in an hour?

  5. Liam Thomas says:


    What a post.

    Do you not grasp the concept that all of us on the right find no problem with people making money or taking fossil fueled flights as long as a couple conditions apply.

    That condition would be that first they embrace the spirit of capitalism….a system in which people are rewarded for their hard work…….Rice is a black woman who has been rewarded for her hard work by the capitalist system.

    Secondly none of these people are screaming were all gonna die because of AGW and therefore the fact they travel using fossil fuels is not a massively hypocritical gesture.

    There is ZERO wrong with making money……Look at the list of Billionaires in this country…..about 90 percent of them are DEMOCRATS…..

    And yet you on the left despise the rich if they are on the right and embrace those same 1 percenters if they are on the left.

    That is what its always been about….Its like the Democrats every 4 years asking the Black inner cities for their vote using fear mongering racist tactics against the right and then doing NOTHING for them……

    In this case the massive expulsion of fossil fuels by the left to go complain about the massive expulsion of fossil fuels is beyond Hypocrisy…..its lunacy and transparent baiting.

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