More Bombs Found In New Jersey, One Explodes. FBI Names NY Suspect

Everyone should remain calm, though. Obama is on the case. He’s at fundraisers whining about misinformation, otherwise known as “people engaging in their 1st Amendment Rights”

( An improvised explosive device in a backpack detonated near the Elizabeth train station early Monday as authorities were using a bomb robot to examine the item, officials said.

The blast occurred around 12:40 a.m. near Morris Avenue and Julian Place. The explosion was not a controlled blast, but happened unintentionally as the robot was cutting the device, according to Mayor Christian Bollwage. No one was injured in the blast, Bollwage said.

Authorities found five devices inside a single backpack near the train station, including one that was detonated. After the explosion, press and bystanders were moved back because the four other explosive devices inside of the backpack were still believed to be live, Bollwage said.

Two men had found the backpack in the garbage, taking it as they thought it might have value. Then they saw wires and grew a bit concerned. It was just 300 feet from a busy pub near the train station. There’s speculation that Elizabeth was not the target, but that the person carrying the bombs dumped them off.

This follows on the heels of a bomb explosion in the Chelsea area of NY, Seaside Park, NJ, and a knife attack in Minnesota. A gay activist supposedly took responsibility for the Chelsea bombing, which is weird, being that it is a big gay area. ISIS also took responsibility. Five people have supposedly been detained over the bombing. Geraldo Rivera supposedly has an impeachable source that they are Aghans.

The FBI is reported to have gone heavily armed into an apartment in Elizabeth, NJ early this morning

Officials say they are concerned that there is an active terror cell

Let’s also not forget that the stabber in Minnesota was a Muslim of Somali origin, and was shouting Allahu Akbar. Of course, CNN and the Muslim community are more worried about any backlash than stopping any in their community who have become radicalized.

More: The FBI is apparently seeking someone who is Amish or a Quaker

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  1. Hank_M says:

    Thankfully, Hillary came out and gave us what looked like a drug-induced sleepwalking.

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