Man Killing The Earth With Carbon Pollution Links Conservation With ‘Climate Change’

Warning: there’s autoplay video with ear damaging audio at the link

(AP)  Standing beneath the forest-green peaks of the Sierra Nevada, President Barack Obama drew a connection Wednesday between conservation efforts and stopping global warming, describing the two environmental challenges as inseparably linked.

Obama used the first stop on a two-day conservation tour to try to showcase how federal and local governments can effectively team up to address a local environmental concern like iconic Lake Tahoe, which straddles California and Nevada. Obama told a sunbaked crowd of several thousand in a small lakeside town that “our conservation effort is more critical, more urgent than ever.”

“When we protect our lands, it helps us protect the climate of the future,” Obama said, joined by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada, California Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Obama’s brief stop along the Nevada-California border came at the start of an 11-day international tour that will take the president to Asia for his final time as president. Throughout the trip, Obama is hoping to elevate issues of climate change and conservation as he works to lock in his environmental legacy.

Nothing says conservation like a long fossil fueled trip on jumbo jets, helicopters, and heavy limos with over a dozen fossil fueled vehicles coming with, while eating lots of fancy food not grown locally.

“When it comes to climate change, there’s a dire possibility of us getting off-course, and we can’t allow that to happen,” Obama said.

As someone in the comments notes

What a guy.

He’s willing to jet all the way around the World to lecture the peasantry on their emissions and how they must do more to reduce them…..

Yup, what a guy.

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2 Responses to “Man Killing The Earth With Carbon Pollution Links Conservation With ‘Climate Change’”

  1. john says:

    Teach hates the POTUS
    But Obama is doing rather well in national polls, isn’t he. Again Teach is out of step with America. He is still caught up in the rightwing fantasy that America no longer believes in

  2. john says:

    well it looks like his efforts are paying off doesn’t it Teach with USA carbon pollution decreasing even as population increases

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