Literature Needs To Encompass ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Essentially, what we have here is a professor calling for all books to include Hotcoldwetdry, as brought to us by Dan Bloom, who I assume is the same one who follows me and I follow him on Twitter, and he’s a big proponent of climate fiction, otherwise known as CliFi. Seems to be a nice guy, had convos with him

(Global Issues) A literature professor at Cornell University in upstate New York, Nick Admussen, has recently published an online literary essay about writing novels in the Anthropocene Age.

Titled “Six proposals for the reform of literature in the age of climate change,” the 1500-word essay will change the way you think about how modern novelists need to change they ways they try to tackle climate change themes.

Admussen is an assistant professor of Chinese literature and culture at Cornell and has an MFA degree in poetry. In the essay, which has reached a larger audience of literary critics and writers worldwide via social media, Admussen uses the negative poetics of an an early 20th century Chinese writer to outline some habits he feels that fiction writers need to break in order to make culture more responsive to climate change. It might be one of the most important literary essays of the 21st century, and whether you agree with all his six proposals or not, Admussen’s piece deserves an international readership.

Basically, he wants all novels to discuss ‘climate change’, and further position it as doomworthy.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, he rails against corporations and powerful people. He loves the idea of redistributing Other People’s money. Giving those who had no involvement with developing industry and such a full share in it. And, of course, demands that others do as they are told.

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4 Responses to “Literature Needs To Encompass ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Oh, and unsurprisingly, he rails against corporations and powerful people.

    You mean, the corporations and powerful people who would actually publish those novels discussing climate change? 🙂

  2. dan bloom says:

    I also always enjoy our convos.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    The communist left is unable to think straight. They use all the tools invented and brought you them by the very things they hate.

    They use a/c. autos. Planes, Trains. They eat carbon producing fruits and veggies, they buy gasoline and they buy cell phones and computers made with rare earths which are extremely co2 unfriendly to produce.

    They drink cokes and beer from Aluminum cans which are produced with fuels that emit co2.

    They sleep in beds produced by corporations who had to use fuels producing co2….

    They awake to their alarm using co2 fueled electricity, turn on the lights, MICROWAVE their breakfast and chill in front of their co2 fired windows staring out at the DISPICABLE landscape brought to them by CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESS…..

    Then they fire up their computer and rail against the people, places and things that produce co2 all the while ENABLING THEM TO CONTINUE BY USING THEIR PRODUCTS.


    C O N S U M I N G!!

    That will get the attention of the corporations.

    Until then….just keep on buring co2 and I know….buy some offsets to make yourself feel better…..lololololol.

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