Obama Doesn’t Want People To Pay “Lip Service” On ‘Climate Change’

Did you hear about Obama taking a trip to Yosemite over the weekend? His little trip would have featured a long fossil fueled trip on a very large jumbo jet, with a backup jet following, as well as a few fighter jets. It would have started with a helicopter trip to the airport, and featured a helicopter trip to Yosemite

Fortunately, much of the park was closed so Obama could say

Over to the UK Guardian

Obama at Yosemite attacks ‘lip service’ to natural beauty amid climate inaction

Barack Obama warned on Saturday that climate change could ravage many of America’s vaunted national parks, criticizing political opponents who “pay lip service” to areas of natural beauty while opposing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

During a visit to Yosemite national park, Obama said climate change was “no longer a threat, it’s a reality”. The first sitting president to visit Yosemite since John F Kennedy in 1962 said the famed glacial valley was already experiencing changes due to rising temperatures. (snip)

Obama said: “We can’t treat it like it’s someone else’s problem, it shouldn’t lead to careless suggestions that we don’t get serious about carbon emissions or that we scrap an international treaty that we spent years putting together to deal with this.

He, of course, means that Other People shouldn’t treat it as someone else’s problem, because, after a few photo ops, he jumped back in a fossil fueled helicopter to get to a fossil fueled jumbo jet for a fossil fueled trip back to Washington.

But, you now have your marching orders, Warmists: it’s time for you to walk the talk. Give up your use of fossil fuels. Set your AC to 80. Only buy local. Take two minute showers. Only use composting toilets. Don’t use ice makers. Your appliances can only be powered by solar and wind. Unplug every electrical device in your house when not in use. Don’t have kids. Make your life carbon neutral.

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4 Responses to “Obama Doesn’t Want People To Pay “Lip Service” On ‘Climate Change’”

  1. John says:

    Obama is of course not calling for people to give up total use of fossil fuels
    You are doing your dance with a straw man again Teach
    However as a nation our carbon pollution has gone down under Obama
    Teach how has your electric costs from Fuke changed in the last 7 years?
    Didnt Duke just announce a 3% DROP last Nov for residential customers ?
    And of course Obama has put many less flight hours on Air Force one than Bush who spent a record amount if time away from the White House

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    Dear John.

    I hate to be the one to inform you but under Barak Obama the production of fossil fuels has risen drastically. Fracking is injecting oil and gas on the market in such record numbers as to become gluttonous for the industry.

    The results have been the layoffs of at least 100,000 people. To counter this the Oil industry has begun inflating the real price of gasoline in an effort to keep people working and keep the gasoline flowing. If it stops…..so does your fuking internet, cell phone and computer. So does farming, ranching and moving goods to market.

    Barak Obama is and remains a Manchurian Candidate whose sole goal was to destablize the USA and undermine its basic foundations and the accelerate the journey to socialism/communism.

    Under Barak Obama My electric bill has gone up…….and I looked this up before answering you. On Feb.1, 2008 I paid 157.43 for my electricity and natural gas bill.

    My last bill Dated June is for 369.96.

    To be fair my June bill for 2008 was 191.16 as compared to june of this year of 369.96….inflation of just 2 percent should have risen my bill 14 percent….not 88 percent.

    I must add that at my home I have two wind turbines generating 1000 watts of electricity and 4 solar panels that generate an additional 2000 watts of electricity.

    The man is an insidious monster whose sole aim was to destroy America from within using whatever political means that were at his disposal.

    He has succeeded. Hillary Clinton perhaps will restore a bit of sanity back to our nation but not much. She is too beholden to the leftist billionaires and Muslim countries who have funded her for 20 years.

    Not to mention her Poly Sci paper was on Saul Alinsky and her first job was working for a communist LAW FIRM.

    Turn out the lights JOHN….while you wail about co2 your country is being removed from under your feet…..Im assuming your a concerned, patriotic citizen….if not then well your just another tool for the communists trying to remove American from the world stage and throw her into chaos.

    STRONG WORDS. But then these words are believed by tens of millions if not well over 100,000,000 people in this country and beyond.

    The Democrats are now communists. Its as simple as that and because they no longer teach communism in our schools today the youth who will be voting more democrats into office HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THEY ARE REALLY VOTING FOR.

    Turn out the lights john…its gonna happen sooner rather then later and one day you will wake up and find theres no one left to argue with because debates like these are no longer legal, tolerated or allowed.

    Enjoy your new world order John.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Well, at least all the CO2 will help the vegetation at Yosemite.

    Oh yeah, fuck all you little people vacationing in Yosemite.



  4. gitarcarver says:

    Didnt Duke just announce a 3% DROP last Nov for residential customers ?

    And Florida Power and Light wants a 22.6% increase in power costs.

    And of course Obama has put many less flight hours on Air Force one than Bush who spent a record amount if time away from the White House

    No he hasn’t.

    And what you are missing is that Bush often went home to Texas where the security was set up and established rather than having to drag a large contingency of Secret Service people with him to various places.

    But you still don’t get the principle argument that a person who is calling for others to do something should do the same himself. It is called “leadership,” something you nor Obama know about.

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