AG Lynch Will Only Release Partial Orlando Transcripts, Avoiding That Messy Islamic Terrorism Stuff

Citizens must be protected from hearing that the Pulse nightclub jihadi was doing it for Islam (video at the link)

(Real Clear Politics) In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to the police during his rampage.

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

This is in reference to all his calls to 911 and others, which contained multiple references to ISIS, Islamist values, and defense of the Boston bombers, among others.

CHUCK TODD: We’re not going to hear him talk about those things?

LYNCH: We will hear him talk about some of those things, but we are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance and that. It will not be audio, it will be a printed transcript. But it will begin to capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators, we’re trying to get as much information about this investigation out as possible. As you know, because the killer is dead, we have a bit more leeway there and we will be producing that information tomorrow.

One has to ask, if the killer was a Republican, conservative, or a Tea Party member, proclaiming those values, would the transcript be edited? What if they were a KKK member, a Sovereign Citizen, or just about anything else, would the transcripts be edited? Of course not. This administration, the majority of the media, and Democrats overall work overtime to protect extremist Islam, even at the expense of other Democratic Party voter blocks, such as the LGBT community.

As DaTechGuy notes “(the Obama administration is) going to censor any information that is not consistent with the approved narrative of the Democrat party in particular and the White House in particular.

William A. Jacobson writes “Calling BS on that. This is all about Obama’s attempt to extricate the reality of Mateen’s Islamic terror motivations from the public discourse.” And notes a comment by a Legal Insurrection reader, who says that this violates Florida open information laws.

I didn’t mention the Dylann Roof incident. Liberty Unyielding does

The DOJ was apparently happy to do that — to “further” Roof’s imputed propaganda, and “further proclaim pledges of allegiance” that he never actually made in relation to the attack.  For some reason, it wasn’t dangerous to the American public to have the Confederate flag (and a hysteria-wave about “white supremacism”) shoved in its face after the Charleston attack.  It was perfectly fine for the federal authorities to not just let Americans get a big load of Roof’s imputed propaganda, but to make it up and broadcast it for him.

Pamela Geller calls this Sharia compliance in America. This administration is willing to impugn gun owners, Republicans, Conservatives, White people, and just about every group but Islamists.

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12 Responses to “AG Lynch Will Only Release Partial Orlando Transcripts, Avoiding That Messy Islamic Terrorism Stuff”

  1. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    What is also glaringly missing from the transcripts is any mention by Mateen against the LGBT community. Is this because the FBI edited it out? NOPE. It’s because Mateen never mentioned it.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    The Democrats need Muslims more then they need GAYS. More of em. At least more that vote.

    I once debated a Gay writer at the Moderate voice that the Muslims hated gays and that soon they would be coming for her.

    I was castigated with insane vehemence by the entire staff of the Moderate voice for saying this.

    Now the radical muslims are murdering gays….raping women and children and yet the democrats keep right on with their narrative.

    Why is that? VOTES….its all about power….and when they get in power those righteous defenders of gays, women and children they will do NOTHING to prevent the incessant rape, torture and slaughter of GAYS, WOMEN and CHILDREN.

    They will of course immediately begin their campaign for the next election while they enjoy their seat of power and have sex with willing interns and reap the benefits of offshore bank accounts.

    This is Washington DC. This is politics in America…..This is the Democratic party which has more manchurian Billionaires then the GOP would ever hope to have.

    • John says:

      There us more killing rape and tirture in sub Saharan Christian Africa than in Muslim countries
      Those bad Muslim countries you talk so knowledgeably about, aren’t they the same ones that are mostly our allies and aid recipients ? Isn’t Iran at least a country where women can drive ?Wasn’t the GOP the ones who demanded that we go and fight them to protect them from the secular and much more tolerant of those same minotities than our allies?
      Aren’t radical Christians in Africa also killing gays? Haven’t Christians in Africa been responsible for the death of 5 millions in Africa Chridtiabs kill an estimated 5000 “witches” each year in Africa Wgere us your outrage over that? Shouldn’t we hold Christians and allies to s higher standard than ISIS?

  3. John says:

    After the Sandy Hook school killings the right wing was all about ” don’t politicize this tragedy”
    And saying tfatcwecshoujd not even mention the killer’s name since he wanted publicity
    Teach should we try to glorify ISIS for the little that they did in regards to this tragedy ?
    If youvthinkbthat ISIS is such a big danger to us why aren’t you going over there and doing what you think should be done since Ibama will not?
    You are always telling us “warmists” that we must change our lifestyles to match our politics, so why don’t you ?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Aren’t radical Christians in Africa also killing gays?

    Uh no.

    You do bring up an interesting point that Christians who know about the African killings condemn them as not being a part of Christianity and actually are against the tenants of Christianity.

    More and more we see that this administration refuses to identify or acknowledge that basis of the attacks on people.

    In other words, in your pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible, you show your usual ignorance and childish retorts of “they did it too!”

  5. John says:

    Woukd you feel better if AG Lynch gave ISIS free advertising ??

  6. JGlanton says:

    Wow, also in the transcript was news that no one was killed until the SWAT team entered the club at 5:13am. Everyone who was shot, was shot during the SWAT entry.

  7. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    It’s NOT giving ISIS free advertising. It’s telling the truth about the real basis of the attack in Orlando. It wasn’t an attack based on opposition to the LGBT community and it wasn’t because of unfettered access to guns. It was a terrorist attack inspired by ISIS. And the administration’s refusal to address or name that fact will not prevent others from being inspired by the same thing. But may open other people’s eyes to the very real threat of more attacks and to be more vigilant and willing to say something when they see something suspicious.

  8. gitarcarver says:

    Woukd you feel better if AG Lynch gave ISIS free advertising ??

    So you think that showing the murderous beliefs of ISIS and people ISIS attracts is an “advertisement?”

    If a person is arrested for being a pedophile, should the idea that they were pedophiles be suppressed because it might advertise for other other pedophiles? Should we ignore domestic violence because if we print that the person was abusive, that might encourage others to be abusive?

    When the attack happened (and Orlando is less than an hour from me) it was billed as an attack on the LGBT community. We now know that isn’t strictly true, but that is what liberals wanted people to believe. Then liberals started pushing the idea that it was the guns’ fault as if the gun magically started firing at people without human intervention. That idea was false.

    Now that we know what motivated the shooter, you are saying that we shouldn’t publish that truth. We should suppress it. Ignore it. Say it didn’t happen.

    Why is it that liberals have problems dealing with the truth? Why is it that liberals profess to hold dear LGBT rights, but are willing to throw the lives of LGBT people away when it comes to terrorism and specifically Muslim terrorists?

    Liberals use people as tools to an end, and never really care about them at all.

  9. Liam Thomas says:

    John you prove my point.

    What a scathing indictment of BLACK PEOPLE. Your a democrat… only speak of your tolerance because you want the support of your lying leftist organizations.

    In reality you think BLACKS ARE MURDEROUS BEASTS.

    Good one john. The right is willing to go over there and help…..your only willing to scream about exxon making too much co2.

    Your the reason why the democrats continue laughing at their base all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

  10. drowningpuppies says:

    In so many ways, isn’t this the story of Obama?

  11. drowningpuppies says:

    Kinda like when the DOJ omitted all references to Dylann Roof’s pro-Confederacy statements and references…

    Oh. Wait…

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