Sacred Bulls Used To Predict Rainfall

Thailand is having a bit of a problem, so, send in the clowns, er, bulls

(AFP) Thailand’s drought-stricken farmers got a rare bit of good news on Monday, when a pair of sacred bulls predicted that the heavens would finally open during the upcoming rainy season.

The bovine prophecy came during the kingdom’s much-watched annual royal ploughing ceremony, an ancient rite officially marking the start of the main rice cultivation season.

I wonder how this will work out?

The bulls made a similarly positive prediction last year, but their forecast did not bear fruit.

So, it works about as well as the prognostications from the Cult of Climastrology with their computer models and adjustments and doomsaying.

Oh, and

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One Response to “Sacred Bulls Used To Predict Rainfall”

  1. Dana says:

    You’d think that Punxsutawney Phil would get it right at least half the time, but his accuracy record is only 38%.

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