Global Warming Is Making The Weather Nice, But Doom Is Coming Soon Or Something

Leave it to the Cult Of Climastrology to always look for the dark side of every silver lining. In this case, we have the typically unhinged Seth Borenstein

Global warming may have improved U.S. weather, but for how long?

Global warming has mostly made the weather more pleasant for Americans over the past 40 years, which may explain why much of the public doesn’t consider climate change as big a threat as do scientists and the rest of the world, a new study suggests.

We can also consider that people just do not believe the apocalyptic doom and gloom emanating from the CoC, nor their cultish like science. Of course, there’s a but to the initial paragraph

But that perceived benefit of global warming — mostly milder winters — will soon be outweighed by more-oppressive summer heat, according to a study in the journal Nature that’s dividing the scientific community.

If heat-trapping gases aren’t controlled, nearly nine out of 10 Americans will have noticeably worse — not better — weather by the end of the century, especially in the summer, the study found.

We’ve actually discussed this study last week, but it’s nice to know that the Cult is will to say we’re utterly doomed. In 80+ years. When no one will remember. Even though all their other predictions have so far failed in the current time frame.

Warmists really are some miserable people. And they still cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind.

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