Trump Does Hamlet Regarding Hillary’s Qualifications To Be President

He does the “to be or not to be”, in other words, he’s wavering all over the place

(ABC News) Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s opinion of Hillary Clinton seems a bit murky, as he homes in on who may be his eventual opponent.

Addressing thousands of people at the Pennsylvania Farm Expo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Thursday, he began by slamming “Crooked Hillary,” adding how her Democratic rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has suggested that she might be unqualified to be president.

“I don’t know, I think she’s qualified, I guess. But that doesn’t mean she’s good,” the businessman said.

But, in the next breath, he seemed to change his mind.

“He [Sanders] said she is not qualified to be president. Now, what he meant is because her judgment is so bad,” Trump said. “So Bernie Sanders, not me, said she’s not qualified. So now I’m going to say she’s not qualified, OK.”

The thing that interests me the most in this is that Trump has spent the better part of a year denigrating his Republican opponents, attacking them mercilessly, questioning them both personally and professionally. Yet, he just doesn’t seem to have it in himself to truly attack Hillary in the same way. It certainly does make one wonder what Trump’s motivations are, after working hard to split the GOP to the point where many proclaim they will never ever vote for Trump, which helps, you guessed it, Hillary (Sanders won’t get the nomination). He’s divided the GOP, which helps the Democrats. Going easy on Hillary helps…..Hillary.

Whenever I hear Trump on Hillary, the attacks seem muted, and nowhere near the venom he reserves for other Republicans, the party he says he’s representing. Makes me wonder whether he has an ulterior goal. To be clear, he has gone after her on a few occasions, but, just not the same as with other Republicans.

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