Surprise: Leftists Find A Reason To Be Against Polygamy

Let’s start here, with an article by Noah Feldman on why polygamy is Constitutional

Now that a U.S. appeals court has declined to strike down Utah’s bigamy laws, it’s reasonable to ask: What does the Constitution, properly interpreted, have to say about the topic?

Legally speaking, the issue can be split in two. The first question is whether a state may criminalize marriage to more than one person. The second is whether, in light of the U.S. Supreme Court decision last year to require states to recognize same-sex marriage, there now exists a fundamental right to marry more than one person — and to make states treat plural marriages on equal terms with marriages between two people.

I’ll leave you to read the rest, but, it is something many people, including myself, noted in the post gay marriage as approved by the Supreme Court nation. If marriage is no longer between a man and woman, if this all about love being love and no one should stand in the way, then why not have bigamy and polygamy be legal? Love is love. If it’s consenting, sure thing. Ah, not according to the always very leftist and unhinged Washington Monthly

In our present society, marriage is a consensual matter and an entirely optional one. It isn’t actually necessary anymore. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve entirely transcended human nature. There are still a host of reasons why our society benefits when people form monogamous units, including the increased likelihood that children are raised by both parents, the avoidance of the transmittal of sexual diseases, the reduction of how many families need government assistance, and (yes) a reduction in male violence.

Finally, if we look around the world and in the history books, polygamy and women’s rights do not go together. If we’re talking about a situation where women are completely autonomous agents who enter into these plural marriages voluntarily, that may seem almost like an advance in rights. After all, they’d be free to have multiple husbands. Somehow, it never works out like that, as we can see in the still-surviving polygamist outposts in our own country.

Got that? Having just two parents over multiple parents is supposedly a benefit. It’s not explained, we just have to take their word for it. Interestingly, Liberals have worked very hard to destroy the family unit. Double interestingly, those against gay marriage have stated that it is a benefit to have a mother and a father, rather than 2 mothers or two fathers. Suddenly, liberals like a similar argument.

Furthermore, we are being told that a consensual arrangement is Violence Towards Women in practice. What happened to Love Is Love?

However you look at it, I don’t think you can productively analyze the merits of anti-polymany laws without reference to more than the implications of some recent Supreme Court cases and an appeal to fundamental rights. We’re people who are trying to live together in societies. Our laws and customs reflect that, even when they become less and less ideally suited to the times.

Yes, our laws and customs do reflect our rights. Why did the political Left destroy them regarding gay marriage? Why are they looking to destroy them regarding the restriction of people to the bathroom of the biological sex? Why the need to make belief in abortion a sacrament? Why the need to go against the passage of time and look to re-institute authoritarian government within democratic societies? Why the need for class warfare? And so, so much more? And it does beg the question within context: if gay marriage is suited for the times, why not polygamy and bigamy? Love is love, right? Right?

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4 Responses to “Surprise: Leftists Find A Reason To Be Against Polygamy”

  1. John says:

    Surprise !! 2 right wing religions anti women anti gay anti abortion Mormons and Islam both at least started out with polygamy

  2. Dana says:

    And a third “right wing” religion, Christianity, has been opposed to polygamy, and is pro-life and recognizes homosexual activity to be sinful.

    The morals of the left? Why, homosexuality is good, great, ought to be celebrated, and people who disagree must still be compelled to participate in homosexual “weddings,” whether they believe homosexual activity to be sinful or not. The left love them some abortion, having supported the slaughter of over 50 million unborn children, but if one black thug is killed in a confrontation with a police officer, why the world is coming to an end.

  3. Dana says:

    If the state has a legitimate function in deciding who can and cannot marry, in this case three or more people, then that state also has a legitimate interest in saying who can and cannot marry in the case of two people of the same sex. If the state cannot decide that two people of the same sex cannot marry, then by what logic can the state decide that more than two people cannot marry?

    The Washington Monthly took their position based on the notion that polygamy somehow devalues women, and that it “never works out” that women are equal partners in polygamous marriages. But if the state can take that close an interest, holding that some marriages cannot be allowed because it doesn’t like the outcomes of such marriages, then, again, the state can hold that people of the same sex cannot legally marry, because that produces an outcome that the majority of the voters in most states say is bad.

    Further, if we can no longer limit marriage to normal couples, it is always possible that a polygamous marriage could include three males and no women; how can the logic that polygamy harms women’s rights in practice be used to prohibit a three-male plural marriage?

    The answer, of course, is simple: the left see nothing wrong with same-sex ‘marriages,’ so they must be allowed, but do see something wrong with polygamy, so that must be prohibited. It’s got nothing to do with the law or the Constitution, but simply what they like and don’t like.

  4. captainfish says:

    And the reason you see incest growing as well. our nation is going down a very dark and unholy road

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