Glenn Beck: Trump Will Campaign With Hillary If He Loses

Let’s note first that Glenn Beck went off the rails long ago in regards to Donald Trump running for president. I do believe that I’ve mentioned before that it seems that Trump is just about all Beck talks about, and it’s not very flattering, almost every time I tune in to his show. Granted, I typically only listen for short periods a few times a week, but, anecdotally, it’s almost every time I tune in. Or a commercial. Or product endorsement. Or some of that old time revival religion.

The thing is, once you remove the Cwaaaaazy, he’s been kinda right. Is he right on this?

(The Blaze) Glenn Beck boldly predicted Wednesday morning that current Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will join forces with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton if he fails to secure the GOP nomination in July.

“You will see Donald Trump, if he loses the primary, if he loses the nomination — and he doesn’t start a third party, which I don’t think he will — you will see Donald Trump run or campaign with Hillary Clinton,” Beck opined on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

The conservative talker said Trump would be inclined to team up with the former secretary of state because, should he lose the Republican nomination at the party’s convention this summer, he will feel it was stolen from him.

“You will see him, because he’ll say, ‘They stole it from me, and Lyin’ Ted, you can’t have Lyin’ Ted.’ And he will campaign with Hillary,” Beck said.

Might Trump do this? If he loses, we shall see. Considering his Democratic Party support in the past, and, quite frankly, his whining about the process (you know, the one that is published and set before the primary season even starts) could lead to this.

Beck’s prediction comes on the heels of Trump telling supporters at a New York rally Tuesday that the Republican political system is “rigged” against him, adding that it is both “dirty” and “disgusting.”

Whose fault was it that Trump had no ground game in Colorado? Trump often has no ground game outside of a few markets, while Cruz is traveling all over states.

Of course, in all fairness, I have to wonder if Beck will support Hillary if Trump wins. Most likely not, he would back so third party unknown. I will say this (again): the idea is to win the general election, while retaining the Senate (which has the possibility of flipping back to D) and the House, along with as many state governorships and general assemblies. The GOP has become so polarized that it might be impossible for Trump supporters to vote for Cruz and visa versa. Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of Trump and his staff. You can also blame big pundits like Beck, who I heard say the other day that it might be better to have Hillary as president than Trump, in a situation where the GOP would be able to block her.

Which is super awesome, because the GOP has done a great job in blocking Obama, am I right?

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3 Responses to “Glenn Beck: Trump Will Campaign With Hillary If He Loses”

  1. John says:

    Yes you are right
    The GOP Congress has done an excellent job of blocking Obama hence their approval poll numbers which are in the teens
    Look at the great job they are doing blocking his nomination for SCOTUS !!

  2. John says:

    However, that “possibility” of losing the Senate is looking more like the probability of losing the Senate according to the average of most polls
    Most Americans think that the Senate is not doing the job which we pay them to do, they will not even give Garland a fair hearing
    If/when Hillary is elected and the Senste turns and she nominated Elizabeth Warren
    That strategy of not giving Farland a hearing may turn out great for the Dens

  3. Ray Babbitt says:

    He’s so stupid that he’ll probably campaign with her even if he wins…

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