Say, What Did Super Tuesday Voters Think About ‘Climate Change’?

For the most part, the majority thought nothing of it. Even Democrats tend to find anthropogenic climate change a lower tier issue when placed among other issues. But, Mother Jones thought the issues was big enough to run an article, for which I thank them, because it provides fun blogging material

Here’s What Super Tuesday Voters Think About Climate Change

The subhead?



Last year, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication released a nationwide study of Americans’ attitudes toward climate science and policy. In many states—especially the large bloc of Southern states voting on Tuesday—the results were not particularly encouraging.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, scientists are 95 percent certain that human activities are responsible for most of the dramatic warming since the 1950s. But according to Yale’s estimates, that opinion is shared by less than half of adults in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Overall, just 48 percent of adults in the Super Tuesday states accept the scientific consensus.

First, I wish Warmists would pick a consistent time frame. The offer 5. Since 1950, since 1850, since 1980, since the beginning of the 20th Century, and since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Second, and more important, the Cult of Climastrology has been “spreading awareness” since the 1980’s, especially starting with 1988. Yet, the best they can do is…..48%. As a graphic at the article highlights, the Super Tuesday states with the highest belief that the current climate change (which has seen statistically insignificant warming in over 18 years) is caused mostly/solely by Mankind are Massachusetts and Vermont, with 52%. One would think that these hotbeds of Leftism would poll higher, wouldn’t you? 25+ years of spreading awareness, of beating the drum, of a compliant media helping out, of marches and demonstrations and scaremongering, and this is the best they can do.

And, let’s not forget that a recent poll found that 91% of Americans aren’t worried about Hotcoldwetdry.

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5 Responses to “Say, What Did Super Tuesday Voters Think About ‘Climate Change’?”

  1. john says:

    Not so surprising to me that 1/2 the people in the USA (including MA and VT 2 of the most well educated states). Remember 1/2 the population of the USA has below average intelligence.
    Teach why do YOU think the planet is/isn’t getting warmer if not from AGW?
    The Sun is slightly cooler now than in 1960. No unusual volcanic activity . ??????
    should we pray? make animal or human sacrifices?
    Another reputable poll shows most REPUBLICANS believe the climate is changing, i.e. more than “significantly insignificant”
    Can 2 all tme high temp record years in a row be blamed on THE PAUSE?

  2. john says:

    Teach that Yale poll of course was done during the years 2008-2014
    Before the second in a row record buster. How do you think it may have changed since then? up or down?
    That same poll said 74% favor setting carbon limits on coal fired plants, gotta be a lot of conservatives in that percentage

  3. john says:

    Did you notice on that Yale interactive map how the wealthier more educated states had a higher percentage of AGW awareness?

  4. Jl says:

    John’s getting worried that even those of average intelligence are starting to see through the hoax.

  5. Jeffery says:

    even those of average intelligence are starting to see through the hoax.

    Sorry j, but you’re wrong. You may be the last person to deny that the Earth is warming! You’re brethren finally gave in and cannot deny the obvious any longer. As predicted, those that denied warming just a few years ago, now sniff that of course it’s warming, it’s the CAUSE of the warming they’ve always questioned, begging the question, “Why is it warming?”

    Someone forgot to tell the Earth about the hoax.

    RSS just adjusted their dataset, erasing the “pause”. UAH satellite (run by Deniers Christy and Spencer) just reported that Feb 2016 was the warmest month since the UAH system went online.

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