NY Daily News Wins Best Media Meltdown Over Trump’s Big Super Tuesday

Many in the media are having meltdowns over Donald Trump’s big Super Tuesday, which brings him much closer to the GOP nomination. Up to this point, it’s been more of a hissy fit. And the NY Daily News wins for best meltdown, as written by Special Snowflake Meg Wagner

The complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump’s America

For folks across the nation, the election of Donald Trump would make America grate — again.

The mere thought of President Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017, has already led to threats from U.S. citizens that they would leave our red, white and blue borders behind if The Donald reaches The White House.

The tycoon-turned-politician won at least seven states on Super Tuesday, putting him one step closer to the White House, and his critics — and they’re plentiful — are one step closer to the border.

Since declaring his candidacy last June, Trump has insulted everybody from John McCain to Pope Francis, from Mexicans to Muslims to Megyn Kelly.

Left-leaning Americans have been threatening to leave the country since Trump announced his candidacy last summer with a hate-filled, derogatory speech in which he called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. (snip)

Here’s a Daily News cheat sheet on moving your feet before First Lady Melania puts on her dancing shoes for the inaugural ball.

That’s right, the article, as written for an uber-liberal paper, is all about advising liberals how they can leave America. The photo at the top of the article is pretty ugly, and features the subhead

Don’t wanna live here if this spray-tanned, megalomaniacal, compulsive liar is elected to the highest office in the land? Don’t worry, neither do we. Take a look at all your options if Donald Trump is (God forbid) wins the presidency.

But, the front page of the paper takes the cake.

And, just make sure they are clear on how they feel about America, the article includes this line about emigrating to Mexico

Love Americans, but hate America? Mexico could be your new home.

This is shortly followed by details on how to move to these other countries, which, humorously, makes sure you know you will need proper documents, a work visa, a job, and

If you want to go one step further and become a citizen of another nation, get ready for a long road. That requires a lengthy legal process that starts with a temporary visa that turns into permanent resident status.

Wait, you mean these liberals can’t just pick up and illegally enter the recommended countries and demand citizenship? The countries won’t comply? Well, that’s weird.

Try the ultimate Trump protest

Since the start of his campaign, Trump has griped about immigrants entering the U.S. illegally. The boldest American escapees may want to consider the truest form of Trump dissidence: Running across the border without a visa.

(Note: the Daily News does not endorse illegal immigration.)

Actually, the NY Daily News has supported legalizing illegal aliens. They just had to put that little disclaimer in to avoid lawsuits from any liberal dumb enough to try being an illegal in other countries, which will get them deported, at a minimum, and thrown in jail before being deported otherwise. Anyhow, go for it, liberals! You hate America, head on out.

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One Response to “NY Daily News Wins Best Media Meltdown Over Trump’s Big Super Tuesday”

  1. Dana says:

    I would imagine that we’d have just as many of those Americans keeping their promises to emigrate as we saw leaving following President Bush’s re-election.

    Of course, when Al Sharpton says that he’ll emigrate if Donald Trump wins, maybe it’s because he figures that a (nominally) Republican President would make him pay his back taxes.

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