Pssst: FBI Is Not Letting Up On Its Probe Into Hillary

The Hill’s Jullian Hattem notes that this problem is not going away, no matter how Hillary and her surrogates spin it

Six months after it began, the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server shows no signs of slowing down.

Former FBI officials said the length of the probe is not unusual and speculated that a decision on whether to file charges against Clinton or her top aides could come later this year, during the heat of the general election campaign.

“I don’t know that there’s any magical cutoff date,” said Ron Hosko, the FBI’s former assistant director of the criminal investigative division and a 30-year veteran of the bureau.

There’s no possible way the FBI doesn’t recommend convening a Grand Jury, and no way that a GJ doesn’t recommend indictment on numerous charges, not unless the Obama administration spikes the whole thing, which is doubtful. There is way more of a downside for Team Obama to help Hillary out. If that did happen, you can bet there would be immediate calls for a special prosecutor, which Democrats would then call “political’. The question at that point would be whether the GOP would hold strong and offer real rebuttals. Remember, there was a special prosecutor for the Valerie Plame issue, who investigated the issue long, long after it was already known who leaked Plame’s name.

The State Department and Clinton’s campaign contend that none of the information in the emails was classified when it was originally sent, and they have portrayed the matter as an interagency dispute.

Regardless, there are rules and laws that must be followed, and Hillary and her staff would have been well aware of those rules, having to sign numerous documents about record keeping, transmitting material, from the sensitive to secret, and a host of other things. Certainly, using an unsecured server outside of the control of the US Department Of State and government overall would be something that would be considered illegal, especially when transmitting State Dept communications. Go ahead and try using an email system outside of your corporate one and see if Los Federales will by OK with that, especially when you delete 50% of them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton writes

There is already more than enough evidence to nail Hillary Clinton. They are dragging this out to dot their i’s and cross their t’s… to bring down someone like Clinton, you have to have all your ducks in a row. Hillary’s foot soldiers, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin or Jake Sullivan, have the most to worry about here as they are on the front line. Hillary will in the end feed them to the dogs if she thinks it will save her worthless hide.

Most people would already be indicted and convicted of the numerous charges that will certainly be leveled at Hillary. Keeping classified documents in an unsecured location, concealing documents from government computers, and even perjury, at a minimum. Military members have been charged under the Espionage Act for doing things like sending selfies that showed computer screens from their submarines. And, Clinton Inc will not hesitate to throw her underlings under the bus, which could see some turn against her for testimony.

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