Your Handy Dandy Cruz Vs Trump Comparison

This comes via Doug Ross, who put it together, and has all the links to support it at the link

Doug goes on to write

I would vote for Donald Trump over the Democrat nominee in the event he is the GOP candidate. Because I would vote for a Sesame Street character over the Democrat. But remember: you will get what you pay for.

At this point, so would I, in terms of voting for a Democrat vs a Republican. I’d vote for Jeb! before any Democrat. Doesn’t mean I won’t hold my nose and “pull the lever” for the less of two evils wankers. Would that be “wankerette” for Hillary? Eh. She’ll be under indictment soon. Of course, Democrats will still vote for her. But, anyhow, perhaps the folks supporting Trump who say they are Conservatives will start getting a clue. If this pisses people off, I won’t apologize. I know I’ve already had several Trump acolytes block me on Twitter.

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15 Responses to “Your Handy Dandy Cruz Vs Trump Comparison”

  1. Dana says:

    If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, I will hold my nose and vote for him, unless it is completely certain that the Democratic nominee will carry Pennsylvania, in which case I will vote third party.

    To say that Donald Trump is better than any of the potential Democratic nominees is like saying you’d rather drink slightly muddy water rather than urine.

  2. david7134 says:

    A dead dog is better than Hillary and Sanders.

  3. […] Like William Teach, I know I’m ticking off quite a few Trumpeters, which is what your called now after the Palin endorsement, but at this point I don’t care. The future of our country is a lot more important to me than this blog. […]

  4. Jeffery says:

    Trump is an unknown; Cruz*, is a complete nut and is unelectable (find one female who doesn’t describe him as ‘creepy’); Rubio is an incomplete nut and a gentle soul wearing kinky boots; Kasich, Christie and Bush are all electable moderates with executive experience.

    President Clinton may even find a place for Christie in her administration.

    Of course, personalities don’t matter but policy outcomes do. The next President will likely replace a Supreme Court justice or two or three.

    In addition, as long far-right Republicans control the House neither a Dem nor a Repub moderate President will be able to make much progress. Does anyone think the current Repubs would vote in favor of Sanders’ Medicare for All, LOL?

    *Rafael (Ted) Cruz proves that a creepy, diminutive Canadian boy can fulfill his dream of growing up to be the US President.

  5. Linda says:

    As a Conservative woman I do NOT find Ted Cruz creepy. I agree with David 7134 that a dead dog would be better than Hillary or Sanders.

    Ted Cruz is a natural born American citizen….his mother was an American citizen and this gives him citizenship status.

    If the Democrats have nothing better to offer than a lying crook like Hillary and a nut job like Sanders, that is a sad statement about the Democratic party.

    Democrats have nothing better to do than to trash anyone who does not agree with them. Thanks for proving me right on that.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Congratulations Rafael. A person claiming to be a female claiming you’re not creepy! That makes two – including your wife.

    It’s unclear if Cruz is a natural born US citizen. After all, he would be the first President born as a natural born citizen of another sovereign nation. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone to two US citizens and Goldwater was born in the Arizona territory to two US citizens.

    Rafael is dedicated to policies to further harm America. I don’t believe that conservatives actually try to harm the nation, it’s just they don’t know any better. Driven by ideology rather than evidence conservatives support policies to support the wealthy at the expense of the working and middle classes.

  7. Hank_M says:

    “the Democrats have nothing better to offer than a lying crook like Hillary and a nut job like Sanders’

    Good point. Give the democrats credit for being consistent. Bill was a legally proven liar and Obama pegs the meter.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Bill was a legally proven good president. You should get used to Dem presidents since that’s the foreseeable future unless the Repubs’ Suppress the Vote program yields great results for them.

    At the state level the Repubs are trying to squelch the opposition by suppressing the vote of Blacks, Hispanics, the young and the poor.

  9. Hank_M says:

    “Bill was a legally proven good president.” That’s a stupid statement, even for you.
    What’s next? Talking about everything Reagan did when he was president in 1989?

  10. formwiz says:

    One other question that belongs on that sheet

    Who has antagonized his own party so badly there’s no way he’ll be able to govern?

    Trump Cruz

    No Yes

  11. gbear says:

    “Would that be “wankerette” for Hillary?”
    No, Cthulhu is asexual.

  12. Harold lee whiteley says:

    Interesting!…thanks for pulling things together…:) if Cruz wants to win…:) he’s got to become more dynamic in the essence of who he is and what he stands for–or he’s going to get lost in all the media hype–going on and sucks all the air out of the room—and leaves everyone–dumbfounded!! And clueless..:) like ole Donald does!..:)

  13. bunkk gear says:

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  14. CT Resident says:

    You forgot the current resident @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama was supposedly born in the territory of Hawaii with a US citizen mother and non citizen father. Obamas mother was very young at the time and according to the laws at that time(that I’ve seen ) he doesn’t qualify,due to her not living in the USA more than X years above the age of 18. Take into account how all his college records are sealed ( I’d bet because he applied as a foreign student-why else have them sealed?) the progressives really don’t have a leg to stand on. What makes me support Cruz is the way the Washington types oppose him .They fear him.

  15. Jeffery says:

    CT Resident,

    Your statements are untrue.

    Hawaii became a US state in 1959; Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

    Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama’s mom) was born in Kansas and gave birth to Obama in Honolulu in 1961. She lived in the US from her birth in 1942 until Obama’s birth in 1961.

    In addition, there are no residency requirements for the parents of candidates for US President. There are no age requirements for the parents of candidates.

    At the time of his birth in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1970, Rafael (Ted) Cruz’s mother (a US citizen) had lived in Canada for at least 3 years. His father was not a US citizen. The family moved to Texas in 1974.

    Has Cruz presented his long-form Canadian birth certificate? Further, his eligibility for the Presidency depends entirely on the citizenship of his mother, Eleanor Darragh, whom Cruz claims was an American citizen, although a Canadian resident and voter.

    Cruz needs to present his mother’s original long-form birth certificate for intensive analysis. Trump can lead the investigation.

    Anyone who believes that our current President, Barack Obama, is not eligible for the Presidency, must agree that Rafael (Ted) Cruz is even less eligible.

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