Climate Activists Can Learn A Lot From Black Lives Matter!!!!

What is it they will learn? The violence? The shrieking? The exclusionary tactics? Rioting? Arson? Looting their own neighborhoods?

Climate Activists Can Learn a Lot From Black Lives Matter

(Lots of one sided discussion about Tamir Rice and Black Lives Matter)

Of the many lessons the climate movement can draw from the one for black lives, this might be the most valuable. Building on a scaffolding erected by Al Gore and his ilk, mainstream climate activists have for years billed their battle as one for the truth, believing that if they tell the truth, the people (and the politicians) will follow. But faced with disappointments like the Paris agreement, more environmentalists are coming to realize what many organizers in the movement for black lives already knew: that changing anything means building a big, brash movement. And doing that means talking about people, not statistics.

In other words, they have to tell more shrieking lies.

As the movement for black lives already understands, dismantling racism is not about proving racists wrong. Climate change will not be solved by convincing climate deniers of their own idiocy. Each are about power and affecting near-tectonic shifts in national values and priorities: Whose lives matter? Who controls our future? What does security mean amidst rising tides, and who deserves it?

How many times have I written that this is about power, and not science?

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2 Responses to “Climate Activists Can Learn A Lot From Black Lives Matter!!!!”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Yeah, Black Lives Matter…

    Mississippi Democrat Kenneth Stokes urged his community this week to hurl rocks, bricks and bottles at police.

  2. JGlanton says:

    Yeah, it’s all about The Revolution, brother.

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