Review: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

I was finally able to find the time to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this afternoon. I caught the 3D viewing, and, I’ll say that the hype was worth it.

As you might remember, when I find a movie to be really good, I do not go into a long review of it. It’s more of a recommendation. Despite many of the discontinuities relating to the Expanded Universe, and, let me tell you, I’ve read the majority of the books, excluding the young adult and graphic comics, all the way up through the end of the Fate Of The Jedi series. These are now considered the “Legacy” universe, and there several discrepancies for what they are called the “canon” universe with The Force Awakens (what purists would call the “non-canon”). Some names are wrong, some characters are different, some characters are missing, some things that happened in the legacy are different. Heck, in the legacy Chewbacca was dead for 9 years. Beyond that, would be spoilers.

But, really, I liked this enough to look past the discontinuities. This was a really good movie, hearkening back to the spirit of the original A New Hope, followed by Empire and Jedi. No cute gimmicks like Ewoks, or Jar Jar Binks. Great characters, great acting, a great plot. J.J. Abrams did a damned fine job in putting the story above explosions and un-needed action. In 3D, directors often overdo it with the action, which makes it difficult to watch. That was not the case here. The 3d added value.

Daisy Ridley was a delight, as was John Boyega. They had emotion, and did not seem wooden like in so many of the prequels. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, the Bad Guy, brought something different. He didn’t play it as pure evil. In fact, all the acting was great, even the non-humans in costume and CGI were excellent.

I’ll give this one my highest rank, go see it in 3D during the full price evening showings.

I’d love to see them do a few on the beginnings of the Jedi, moving into the war with the Sith.

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