Canadian Warmists Attempting To Get Skeptics Prosecuted

And, being Canada, they may very well get what they want, government prosecuting “heretics”

(Vice) A complaint filed Thursday could lead to criminal or civil charges against Canadian climate change denial groups.

Environmental advocacy organization Ecojustice filed the complaint to the Competition Bureau asking the Canadian agency to investigate groups paying for billboards and websites that claim global warming isn’t happening, and that humans aren’t driving climate change.

If the Commissioner of Competition finds there’s truth to the complaint, Canada’s Attorney General could bring charges against the climate change denial groups, or the Commissioner could start civil court action.

In the complaint, Ecojustice accuses “denier groups” of making claims without any basis in science, citing examples including a 2014 billboard that proclaimed “The sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not CO2.” And a website that claims “the earth’s atmosphere is not warming,” and “Al Gore was wrong about CO2.”

They’re losing the debate, and their so-called science is completely wrong, hence, they’ll try to shut down opposing voices. Is there any wonder they are called fascists?

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5 Responses to “Canadian Warmists Attempting To Get Skeptics Prosecuted”

  1. […] I would ever do is depend on the left to protect my rights. In our good neighbor to the north, the left are trying to get climate change deniers criminally prosecuted, and I have little doubt that the editors of the Times would cheer that. Liberal writer S E Smith, […]

  2. Jeffery says:

    That must be the difference between US and Canadian law. In the US, the Cult of Denialism (CoD) is free to lie willy-nilly, and boy do they.

    William typed:

    their so-called science is completely wrong

    Is the science completely wrong? Really?

    William also typed:

    Is there any wonder they are called fascists?

    YOU call those who disagree with you, fascists. Few others call climate scientists, fascists.

  3. john says:

    sort of like when BIG Tobacco was prosecuted for the fraud they committed on the American people. In the USA it is Title 15 S 54
    hey Teach any updates on your addiction ? the sane people who are denying global warming are the same people who are the paid shills of fossil fuel (Heartland Institute)

  4. jl says:

    You know what, John? The same people who climate hoax deniers are the same people who are paid shills for the government. It’s always such a monumental task to rebut Johnny.

  5. Phil Taylor says:

    In Canada, skeptics are losing the PR debate to those who know nothing about AGW.

    They do not know the current world temperature, or last years temperature or the year before.
    They do not know the 20th-century average temperature. (The one we are trying to prevent going over by 2 degrees.)


    However, if you also do not know, then ask Jeffrey. He will tell you.

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