Climate Change Can Totally Be Obama’s Hallmark Or Something

The big working vacation regarding ‘climate change’ in lovely lovers vacation spot of Paris will begin in just a few days, so, we can expect most of the compliant media (which uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels to gather and broadcast the “news”) to yammer on about climate change and how Things Must Happen Or We’re Doomed. Obama cheerleader the NY Times (which kills vast amounts of trees to disseminate their paper edition worldwide) says that Obama’s legacy is at stake, and, if he succeeds, this could be the most important environmental achievement ever!

Obama’s Legacy at Stake in Paris Talks on Climate Accord

At a joint news conference here Tuesday with President François Hollande of France, President Obama veered from his focus on the terrorist attacks in Paris to bring up the huge international gathering beginning in the French capital on Monday to hammer out a global response to climate change.

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,” Mr. Obama said of the climate conference.

The segue brought mockery, even castigation, from the political right, but it was a reminder of the importance Mr. Obama places on climate change in shaping his legacy. During his 2012 re-election campaign, he barely mentioned global warming, but the issue has become a hallmark of his second term.

He also has the largest carbon footprint in the world, at roughly 40 megatons. He runs around the nation and the world on fossil fueled vehicles. He typically travels on a large jumbo jet, with a backup jumbo jet along for the ride, with several fossil fueled fighter jets for protection. He rides in a limo with poor fuel economy, with upwards of 20 fossil fueled vehicles for protection. Yes, the POTUS needs this. Yet, he very often takes all this on a cross country trip, which includes a short official appearance followed by multiple fundraisers and sometimes golf. If he was so worried, he could limit these trips. He could work to reduce his own footprint. He doesn’t.

And, yes, mockery and castigation for his foolish remark. ISIS doesn’t care. And including the climate change schtick shows how utterly out of touch Obama is.

And on Sunday night he arrives in Paris, hoping to make climate policy the signature environmental achievement of his, and perhaps any, presidency.

“He comes to Paris with a moral authority that no other president has had on the issue of climate change,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University who noted that Mr. Obama’s domestic climate efforts already stand alone in American history. “No other president has had a climate change policy. It makes him unique.”

First, no one else cared, nor cares, much about this unscientific issue. Second, Teddy Roosevelt creating the national park system? Richard Nixon enthusiastically signing the Environmental Protection Act? Both blow away joining some sort of climate policy, which Obama and John Kerry want to be structured as something that doesn’t have to be submitted to the US Senate, meaning it will be non-binding. Much like his idiotic Iran deal.

Moral authority? When stacked up against virtually every other issue, climate change comes in at the bottom, often dead last.

Yet during the 2012 campaign, advisers urged him not to talk about climate change. “It didn’t poll well,” said David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s chief strategist in 2008 and 2012.

The candidate cared about the issue, Mr. Axelrod said, but voters cared more about the economy. “He felt bridled in his ability to talk about it,” Mr. Axelrod said. “It was no secret to anyone that this was an issue of continuing and big concern to him. But the reality is that you can’t do anything about climate change if you lose an election.”

It still doesn’t, again, typically coming in last or next to last. And he’s failed miserably on the economy, to boot. His interference in Copenhagen in 2009 helped scuttle any deal. And another NY Times article admits that the so-called pledges won’t fix a darned thing. Not that they are meant to fight a real issue. And an editorial notes that

The conference will succeed if it fosters a sense in countries large and small that all must work to find a solution.

So, squishy feel good stuff along with spreading awareness. Of course, this also means lots and lots of redistributed money along with limitations on the US economy. When will Warmists live their lives like they expect Everyone Else to be forced to live theirs?

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