Poll: Climate Change Still At Bottome

Warmists can whine all they want that this is a Fox News poll, but it comports with virtually every other poll on the issues that actually matter

The article which has the link to the poll is here. The poll with the full data is here, the info on American concerns is way down.

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2 Responses to “Poll: Climate Change Still At Bottome”

  1. john says:

    well Teach thanks for showing us what Fox viewers believe
    Now here is another recent poll done by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation
    it says that 46% of Americans view raaaaaacism as a BIG problem http://news.yahoo.com/recognition-racism-growing-us-says-poll-whats-fueling-162338714.html
    Only 16% said it was either no problem or only a small problem. Please note the very small percentage of Fox polled that think race is a problem. This shows just how skewed Fox people are

  2. gitarcarver says:

    This shows just how skewed Fox people are

    It shows how illiterate and ridiculous john is.

    For the record, the polls asked different questions. The Fox poll asked people to RANK issues facing the country.The Fox poll asked “Which of the following is the most important issue facing the country today?” The interviewer gave a list of choices and asked the respondent to pick one.

    The CNN poll asked “How big of a problem is racism in the country today?” The interviewer gave a list of choices from “don’t know/ refused” to “a big problem” from which the respondent could chose.

    Certainly racism is a problem in the country today. Racists on the left have become rampant in communities and on colleges.

    But for john to equate the two polls is ridiculous and demonstrates once again how he cannot read or comprehend.

    It is also of interest that in the poll john cites, race issues have gotten much worse over the last four years under Obama. john either missed that or deliberately left it out.

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