Sorry, Ladies, Red Lipstick Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’

This is the kind of thing that counts for Being Important in Liberal World

From the article

As a climate change advisor at the United Nations, 35-year-old Cassie Flynn spends her days talking about hefty issues. There are rising sea levels wiping out entire countries, droughts impacting the food security of an entire region, and mega-storms like Superstorm Sandy becoming the norm.  “It’s very hard not to feel overwhelmed by this,” she said. “You want to do nothing or leave it to the CEOs or world leaders or people having these large conversations.”

Name one country wiped by sea rise. Droughts have always occurred. The last superstorm like Sandy was…Sandy.

There’s entirely too much in this article which could be laughed at, so let’s skip to the lipstick schtick

Another video called “sustainable flirting” teaches you how to make better decisions when getting ready for a date. Both men and women use health and beauty products like makeup, deodorant, cologne, and hair products before leaving the house. These have chemicals that don’t break-up and accumulate in the ecosystem (“Talk about a shitty party,” says Flynn.) So it’s important to use products that are organic. “Ignore fancy words like ”natural’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ on the front and choose products with shorter lists of ingredients and avoid things that have synthetic fragrance,” she advises. Red lipsticks are particularly known for containing toxins like lead, so check if yours does!

Here’s the interesting part: from a true environmental standpoint, they’re correct. Yet, they aren’t arguing this out of concern for the actual wellbeing of the environment, but due to their unscientific believe in anthropogenic climate change. These people are fools.

It also goes to show that there are too many people in the 1st world who have nothing better to do with all their free time, thanks to all the modern advances these same people complain about.

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5 Responses to “Sorry, Ladies, Red Lipstick Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’”

  1. john says:

    Any comment on last month being the hottest October EVAH?

  2. captainfish says:

    I always drink local. Kind of hard to drink remotely. Fluid tends to not make it to my mouth when someone else dumps the fluid out of their cup. Especially when they are half-way around the world and they are awake and I’m asleep.

  3. jl says:

    How ignorant can one get? Not one thing she said was true, as alluded to above. “Super storm Sandy becoming the norm.” Dopes like this, and they’re many of them, see to think climate history began the year they were born. The other amazing, yet very sad thing is- Has no one thought to ask her the simple question “Which countries have been wiped out by rising seas?” Why be stupid if you can’t show it?

  4. Jl says:

    “What about the hottest month ever?” As I read elsewhere, how can one determine the earth’s temperature to .01C when almost half the surface has no reporting stations, including almost none in Greenland and Antarctica and very little in Africa? How is that done, John?

  5. Dana says:

    If the warmists can get bright red lipstick banned, that will be a good thing. Garish lip colors make otherwise attractive women look like trash.

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