Bummer: Just 23% Really Worried About Global Warming

Cult of Climastrology scientists hit hardest. This comes via uber-Warmist Heidi Cullen

Let’s take a look at that article, as written by uber-Warmist Seth Borenstein of the AP

Americans are hot but not too bothered by global warming.

Most Americans know the climate is changing, but they say they are just not that worried about it, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. And that is keeping the American public from demanding and getting the changes that are necessary to prevent global warming from reaching a crisis, according to climate and social scientists.

As top-level international negotiations to try to limit greenhouse gas emissions start later this month in Paris, the AP-NORC poll taken in mid-October shows about two out of three Americans accept global warming and the vast majority of those say human activities are at least part of the cause.

However, fewer than one in four Americans are extremely or very worried about it, according the poll of 1,058 people. About one out of three Americans are moderately worried and the highest percentage of those polled — 38 percent — were not too worried or not at all worried.

On one hand, it is a victory for the Cult of Climastrology, in that 12% solely blame Mankind, 39% say mostly caused by Mankind, 35% say equally mankind and nature, and just 10% say mostly/solely natural.

But, there’s a 4% drop in belief that global warming is happening (the poll isn’t using the term climate change) between the July and October polls. And, as you can see from the graphic in the tweet, only 23% are super worried, with that figure coming from 8% being extremely worried, and 14% very worried. This is what they get for 25+ years of spreading awareness along with doom and gloom.

Furthermore, just 36% see it as a moral issue. This was a poll regarding the aftermath of Pope Francis’ visit and his Climastrology talk.

Just 25% see it as a social justice (fairness) issue. That’s gotta hurt, since Warmists portray this as a social justice issue.

And here’s the one I love: 55% see it as a political issue. Surprise!

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Just 23% Really Worried About Global Warming”

  1. God forbid we put more plant food in the air!!

    We should struggle to make sure all the CO2 remains trapped under the ground so that we can eventually reach levels lower than 150 ppm that way all plant life will start to die off and we can eliminate the plague of living organism on the face of the Earth.

    After all, they were all out here by aliens and did not originate from Earth. Especially humans who are like a virus and are destroying the Earth! Humans were not created by Earth… They are some kind of evil organism destroying it….

    This is the mentality of idiots who push for saving the Earth and the Earth needs a good lawyer!! The Earth doesn’t need a fricking lawyer! The Earth will kill humans if they become a problem, trust me!

    The Earth will be here long after humans are a mere fairytale read about by rabbits.

  2. john says:

    So Teach only 10% think it is only natural? Isn’t that YOUR group?
    Apparently Michael after using that StrawMan argument you place the Pope in the group that wants to kill all mankind.

  3. Oh I’m sorry, did I come off as a Catholic?!?

    The pope IS part of THAT group. In fact, historically, the Catholic Church has traditionally been on the wrong side of history. Even the American founders apposed Catholicism but ensured that no ones belief would oppressed, since the Catholic Church’s oppression was the very reason the toleration acts and the Age of Enlightenment started in Britain 90 years before the Declaration of Independence was penned in the American colonies.

    Maybe if you actually studied history instead of spewing garbage on here you would know that.

    Straw man argument. Your life is a straw man, hahaha

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