Team Obama: Screw Those Americans Stuck In Yemen

Just remember, The Obama Administration really like super cares about Americans

Americans Trapped in Yemen? U.S. Says ‘Good Luck’


Yet, the tone from White House and State Department spokespeople when asked by reporters about the lack of action has often seemed dismissive; the official response has been to point to previous State Department travel warnings about the dangers in Yemen, which seems like blaming the U.S. citizens for being there in the first place. Many of these people are Yemeni immigrants or the children of immigrants who returned to see their families.

“We are giving Americans opportunities — information about opportunities, I should say — to use other methods of leaving Yemen, and that’s why we have been very clear since the mid-1990s that people should not travel to Yemen,” State Department acting spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters Monday.

A reporter pointed out that one of the State Department’s absolute highest responsibilities is protecting U.S. citizens abroad.

“Absolutely,” Harf responded. “That’s why we have been telling them not to go to Yemen.”

The actual information that the State Department has been sending U.S.-citizens in Yemen has been spotty, vague and unhelpful, according to Ayoub. Random alerts have pointed Americans to travel great distances for opportunities to leave the country without any assurances they would be successful when they get there.

On one hand, one has to point out and understand that there are consequences to actions, and sometimes those consequences are not good ones. These people should have known that being in Yemen is a Bad Idea, going back into the late 1990’s. On the other hand, these are American citizens, and one would expect the American government to do whatever they can to rescue them.

Ace notes

The WH and State Department do not care about US citizens stuck in Yemen; they only care about having to answer questions about their lack of action. That is, they only care about themselves, as they only cared about themselves during the Benghazi attack; those killed in Benghazi were not important as human beings, but merely as headaches and complications for Obama and Hillary.

Unfortunately, their narcissism leads them to making the wrong choice in fixing these “headaches”.

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6 Responses to “Team Obama: Screw Those Americans Stuck In Yemen”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Americans Trapped In Yemen Benghazi? U.S. Says ‘Good Luck’

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    WH and State Department “Dismissive” About Plight of Americans Stranded in Yemen; Suggest That Being There Is Their Own Fault

    Ambassador Christopher Stevens unavailable for comment.

  3. john says:

    The mother of Ambassador Stevens had asked that people not try and politicize the death of her son
    But haters will hate.
    As far as narcissism one of the classic indications of clinical narcissism is a lack of empathy
    Of the 18 personality dimensions narcism has the highest heritability.
    Care to take a Millon Test ?

  4. john says:

    drowingpuppies likes to mock the death of Ambassador Stevens. After 15+ “investigations” by the GOP House they finally quietly released their report: sadly no evidence of anything other than an intelligence failure. No stand down order from Hillary, no Spectre gunship ordered not to intervene

  5. jl says:

    And yet Susan Rice and the Obama administration falsely blamed the attack on a video the somehow gave the vapors to those poor little Muslim attackers. If nothing to hide, why the BS on placing the blame?

  6. Jeffery says:


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