Study Recommends Redistribution To Poor Nations For Hotcoldwetdry

Any surprised that one of the goals of “climate change” exactly matches what Progressives are pushing?

Poor nations need $400 billion a year in climate aid, study says

Richer nations need to plow at least $400 billion a year into the developing world by 2050 to help cut greenhouse gases and fight climate change, according to a study that would require a quadrupling of aid pledged.

The annual sum required may even be as high as $2 trillion, according to the study by academics at two divisions of the London School of Economics. By comparison, wealthier countries including the US, Japan and European Union members have promised to deliver an annual $100 billion by 2020. (Snip)

Developing countries argue they need the cash to take expensive measures needed to both cut emissions and fight the effects of rising temperatures that are already being seen. Those include higher sea levels, more frequent droughts and heat waves.

So, developed nations are supposed to transfer vast gobs of taxpayer money to 3rd world shitholes developing nations to ….. make sure that they stay in the 7th  century, forgoing all modern energy and development? Hell, they’ve been “developing” for centuries, and never get beyond. Why should that cost anything?

But, this is the Cult of Climastrology in action, a subset of the overall Progressive movement. Which is also interesting, due the fact that Warmists want to control population in these same developing nations, comprised mostly of minorities, especially Blacks.

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5 Responses to “Study Recommends Redistribution To Poor Nations For Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. John says:

    Teach is not narcissistic he actually cares deeply about humanity
    Especially the kids
    He knows that he made the correct decision kn where to be born and in which class to be born

  2. Hank_M says:

    The cult is out of control.

    There’s money to be made, people to control, and a problem that doesn’t exist and can never be “solved”.

    No wonder so many leftists embrace this.

  3. Dana says:

    John laughably wrote:

    He knows that he made the correct decision kn where to be born and in which class to be born

    Yes, actually, our host did take the right decision as to where to be born, and, if he has or ever has children, he’ll take the right decision as to where they should be born.

    I’ll put it simply: we are very fortunate to be Americans, and that isn’t an advantage that many of us would willingly forego just because it might be nicer to people who took the wrong decision as to where to be born.

    If you believe that to be just horribly unfair, we will not stop you from emigrating to Chad.

  4. Just when I thought John had hit Nutty Level 10, he takes it to 11.

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