CNN: Gay Population Fearful Of And In Danger From ISIS

Well, it’s about time that someone in the U.S. media has taken a big notice of the threat from ISIS, and extremist Islam, towards the gay population, as Arwa Damon and Zeynep Bilginsoy note in their article (which includes disturbing video on autoplay)

Amid brazen, deadly attacks, gay Syrians tell of fear of ISIS persecution

One quibble: they aren’t so much attacks, as planned executions in public.

The photographs released by ISIS in its stronghold of Raqqa are dated March 2015. The first ones show a large crowd, mostly men, but also among them a handful of women and children, all looking up.

Three men on top of a building, faces covered in black balaclavas, stand on either side of their victim, while a fourth seems to be taking a photo or video.

Their victim is thrown off the building. In the last photograph, he is seen face down, surrounded by a small crowd of men, most carrying weapons, some with rocks in their hands. The caption reads “stoned to death.”

The victim brutally killed because he was accused of being gay.

There are at least half a dozen documented cases of men being similarly killed by ISIS. What’s even more sickening for Nour, a gay Syrian man, is the onlookers’ reaction.

The onlookers cheered, and looked happy.

Nour (a pseudo-name used for the article due to fear over reprisal) left Syria in 2012, before ISIS took over huge swaths of the country, after seeing a video of two men being beheaded. According to the voice on the clip, they are accused of being spies. Then toward the end, the voice speaks about “shaking the throne of God.”

“Whenever we hear this in video or audio, we know that this is exactly meant for gay people,” he says. “It was the moment of clarity, the moment of understanding; this place is not safe anymore.”

The pictures released by ISIS and other videos refer to gay men as the tribe of Lot, who, according to readings of the Quran and the hadith, or prophetic traditions, sinned by refusing Prophet Lot’s call to cease their homosexual activity and led to the destruction of Sodom. One hadith states, “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.”

Perhaps this kind of information will wake up those on the left who like to significantly downplay the threat from ISIS and hardcore Islam. Sadly, I expect little more from most Progressives than deflections, distractions, and strawmen (DDS). It’s like kneejerk reaction from them. Gays and women are treated horribly within hardcore Islam, yet this just can’t get Progressives to acknowledge the threat. Hardcore Islam is a threat to the entire way of life for Progressives and their beliefs, yet, little can move them to acknowledge the threat.

Now, the article itself, which should be read in full, deals exclusively with the plight of gays in Syria. But, they are certainly in danger everywhere hardcore Islam reigns. What will it take to get Progressives to join in on wanting to fight ISIS and hardcore Islam?

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11 Responses to “CNN: Gay Population Fearful Of And In Danger From ISIS”

  1. Jeffery says:

    What will it take to get Progressives to join in on wanting to fight ISIS and hardcore Islam?

    What do you want progressives to do?

    How would YOU manage the problem of Islamic extremists?

  2. Jeffery says:

    According to FBI statistics there were over 1600 anti-homosexual hate crimes in 2008 including 5 murders and 6 rapes. They reported over 1500 anti-homosexual hate crimes in 2011. I think our US fundamentalist Christians have some work to do too.

    I think every ISIS member deserves to be killed by gang-rape followed by beheading with a dull knife.

    YOU, on the other hand, celebrate their horrific acts to bludgeon liberals and Muslims, not to defend gays.

    YOU offer no solutions.

  3. Nighthawk says:

    And YOU offered a solution? Gang rape and beheading?

    How about the bleeding heart liberals allow our military to actually fight the war the way it has to be fought instead of forcing ridiculous rules of engagement on them that has cost more lives.

    Had they been allowed to fight the way they were trained, these wars would have been over in less than a year. ISIS would not exist and radical islamists would be too scared and too few to screw with us again.

  4. Jeffery says:

    I didn’t intend a solution, but was expressing my outrage with ISIS.

    Your “solution” is really vague and would likely make the problem worse. What do you mean “ridiculous rules of engagement”?

    The world is more complicated than neocons can understand.

    The problems resulting from our invasion and occupation of Iraq wasn’t because we didn’t invade and occupy hard enough.

    ISIS evolved from the Iraq Ba’ath Party (Sunni; Saddam was a Ba’athist). Iranian Shia are now fighting alongside Iraqis against the ISIS militias. What a mess this is. Thanks neocons for accomplishing the impossible – making the Middle East less stable!

  5. bob sykes says:

    Considering ISIS’ policy towards women and Jews as well as homosexuals, one has to wonder whether there isn’t a market for them in the broader American public. Certainly, there is a resonance among blacks and white supremacists. Do we have a potential Fifth Column among us?

    In passing, I note the suprising large number of conversions to Islam among native Europeans, even some members of the ruling class.

  6. jl says:

    If the hoaxers can’t place the blame of Middle East problems on “climate change”, they blame it on…neo-cons! Soon to follow: The Arctic is losing ice due to neo-cons!

  7. Deserttrek says:

    the far left child abusers and thieves will always deflect from their own hatred and irrational behavior …. isis really excites them because they would like to do the same thing here to their political opponents….remember stalin and mao?

  8. Jeffery says:


    You seem obsessed with child molestation. I wonder why that is? I suspect with your penchant for psychological projection we know the answer.

    And it’s the far-right that is fascinated with the brutal methods of ISIS, in fact, you love to watch and re-watch the videos. Again, you display projection – we all know that the Nazi-like far-right would immediately do the same thing as ISIS to your political opponents.

  9. Jeffery says:

    Nah, the neocons didn’t cause ALL the problems in the Middle East, but the invasion and occupation of Iraq resulted in the mess we have now in Iraq and Syria. Thanks, neocons!

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  11. Deserttrek says:

    sorry jeffery , learn the language abuse does not mean molestation, is drug abuse drug molestation? is elder abuse molestation?
    liberals and global warming abusers use fraud to poison minds, create policies that steal from people, and create an atmosphere of hate and poison. that is abuse. liberal policies stifle children’s minds through political correctness and of course its great to teach young children about sodomy and other sexual habits.

    no jeffery it is not about molestation it is about liberal treatment of those who disagree and the policies of mental and physical control you so blindly support. that is abuse ….. no go and molest yourself

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