India PM Modi Says “Nope!” To Matching China’s “Climate Change” Pledge

Of course, China’s “climate change” pledge is more of a pledge to think about doing something starting in 2030

As Donald notes “Modi was barred from traveling to the U.S. before he became prime minister. Those slights are not easily overcome.”

(LA Times) The United States and India sought to put a contentious history behind them Sunday by declaring a new partnership on climate change, security and economic issues, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected calls for India to match China’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As President Obama opened a three-day visit to New Delhi aimed at underscoring the two democracies’ shared ideals, Modi’s blunt dismissal of a sweeping climate agreement reflected the limits of Washington’s assiduous courtship of the popular new prime minister.

Even as Obama announced “a breakthrough understanding” that could clear the way for U.S. companies to build nuclear power plants in India — potentially reducing India’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels — Modi said he felt “no pressure” from any other country to curtail the South Asian nation’s carbon emissions.

Instead, the U.S. said it would cooperate with India in clean-energy initiatives such as expanding solar power, reducing the most toxic greenhouse gases and making air-conditioners more efficient — without demanding that it slow the rapid growth of its coal industry.

“India is a sovereign country,” Modi said during a joint news conference with Obama. “There is no pressure on us from any country or any person, but there is pressure when we think about the future generations and what kind of world we want to give them.”

Whether Modi is a Believer in Hotcoldwetdry or not, he refuses to mortgage India’s future for the sake of of this silly issue, much as the entire US Senate (including hyper-Warmist John Kerry) voted in 1998 to refuse to join the Kyoto Protocol because it would damage the U.S. economy.

Meanwhile, Obama gave a rambling, finger-wagging speech in India about religious tolerance and stuff, yammering on about himself, of course.

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