Wind Turbine Collapses In 15 MPH Wind

The Belfast Telegraph reports it’s worth more, in the range of £2 million.

(Via Twitchy)

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11 Responses to “Wind Turbine Collapses In 15 MPH Wind”

  1. Proof says:

    15MPH??? Good God, man! What on Earth could possibly stand up to such a hellish wind??

  2. Jeffery says:

    Maybe pro-fossil fuel terrorists are destroying them.

  3. Jl says:

    Maybe they just suck.

  4. Proof says:

    It’s G.O.L.F. Greedy Oil Liberation Force

  5. john says:

    thank God no one was killed smashed to death like in a coal mine
    And isn’t it nice to see that it didn’t cause massive pollution like when one of those coal ash sludge pond dams break and contaminate whole rivers
    the USA has 50000 operating wind turbines
    in 2012 42% of all new generating power in the USA came from wind
    Texas wind is providing as high as 25% of that states total electricity Coal is a Victorian era power source I say keep it only for coal fired pizza ovens

  6. Yes, we do need to replace coal, John, I agree. It’s dirty, and I do not mean CO2. The power needs to be reliable, dependable, and constant.

    Coal fired pizza ovens, John? Good grief, man, not sure where you live (I could probably cheat and check your IP, but, that’s between you and me unless you make it public), but you need to hit a different pizza place. You need to hit NYC or the Jersey shore for real pizza.

  7. Proof says:

    John: I predict that over the next ten years, twenty years, thirty years, that more people are squashed in itty bitty, undersized electric cars than in coal mines.

  8. Jeffery says:

    You need to hit NYC or the Jersey shore for real pizza.

    For once, Mr. Teach and I agree!!

  9. See, that can happen!

    I do know a couple places in the Raleigh area that make pizza like they do at the Shore. Unsurprisingly, they are transplants.

  10. Jeffery says:

    I have family in Jersey whom we visit often (they used to live in beautiful Greensboro NC). There is no pizza like NYC/Jersey. We took our Midwest grandkids with us last year and introduced them to sitting on a bench in Manhattan (and also the boardwalk) eating slices of cheese pizza the size of their heads. They loved it.

    I had a student several years ago from Brooklyn and after he graduated he opened a small chain of NY style pizza parlors here. Very successful and wonderful stuff. He since moved back east and sadly his pizza shops are no more.

  11. The best is if you find places that use whole milk cheese, rather than part skim. Much better taste, very little grease. Many of the places where I grew up did that, and it was so good. I do that myself when I make pizza at home. Though, I don’t flip it, like I learned while in college working at a pizza place. Flour goes everywhere.

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