Police Turn Backs To De Blasio At Funeral

In all fairness to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, he was in a lose-lose situation. He would have been blasted for not attending the funeral of executed NYPD officer Rafael Ramos (though, I think police would have been fine if he had not attended), and blasted for attending

(NYPD)  Mayor de Blasio tried to make peace with the NYPD Saturday, but again was met by a Blue Wall of Resentment.

As he took the podium Saturday at the funeral of P.O. Rafael Ramos, thousands of police officers outside the church turned their backs to the video monitors showing the mayor giving his eulogy inside.

In a gradual wave, the assembled cops nearest the screens and speakers on Myrtle Avenue began to about-face, until the entire sea of blue stretching two blocks had their backs to the image of the city’s leader.

Obviously, this has driven some liberals nuts, none more than Karoli at Crooks and Liars.

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13 Responses to “Police Turn Backs To De Blasio At Funeral”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The police union tactics are reprehensible. Did they consider how Officer Ramos family would feel turning his funeral into political theater? They are disrespecting one of their own to make a point.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Got news for you Jeff,

    de Blasio, Obama and Holder disrespected the police a long time ago. Remember Obama saying he did not know the details of an arrest but said “the police acted stupidly”.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Got news for you, Beaner…

    The police are not above criticism. They work FOR the citizens, to SERVE and PROTECT, not to control us. It’s a difficult and dangerous job but we need to find a way to help the police be better. Too many officers are killed each year – and they kill too many citizens.

    The police seem too sensitive to even mild criticism.

    The police union could have found a better way to show their displeasure with the Mayor other than to disrupt the memorial. It wasn’t about them – it was about Officer Ramos.

  4. Jl says:

    Even better news, J. No one said the police weren’t above criticism. “They are disrespecting one of their own to make a point.” You can’t say that’s true because the family may consider what the police were doing as a respectful gesture toward the officer. And since when are you against turning funerals into political theaters? How about the people protesting the funeral?

  5. epic fails says:

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  6. John says:

    Mayor deBlasio received 75% of the votes cast in the last election
    In NYC the Mayor represents the people of the City if New York
    The Mayor is the boss if the police by the choice of the people of New York
    The police are turning their backs on the people of New York

  7. Conservative Beaner says:


    Only 20 percent of the eligible voters of New York City turned out to elect a scumbag who has a known record of hating the police. Add a crowd of protesters chanting death to the police, a president whose administration accuses every white cop who shoots a black man no matter if the person deserved what they got, you’re setting up an environment of hatred against the police.

    So don’t be surprised when a nut job shoots two officers in cold blood for doing their duty, the police turn their backs on the Mayor and the rest of the scumbags who elected him.

  8. Jeffery says:


    Along the same lines, don’t be surprised when right-wing ammosexual paranoiacs shoot police (e.g., Las Vegas, Penn, Ark, Tallahassee, Louisiana) after a steady diet of Tyranny, Dictator, Gun grabbing, Socialism, Fascism from the Tea Party, Teach, Rush, Glenn, Sean and FOX.

    There is blood on the hands of the Tea Party for the assassinations of Officers Soldo, Beck, Dickson, Paudert, Evans, Smith, Nielsen and Triche. Ambushed and assassinated by right-wingers, all. Several more plots and ambushes only wounded officers or were thwarted by police intelligence.

    There is a war on the police but it’s not from Mayor DiBlasio.

    Why were right-wingers not up in arms about all these murders and plots?

  9. gitarcarver says:

    Why were right-wingers not up in arms about all these murders and plots?

    People were outraged Jeffery.

    Like most of your non-sensical rants, just because you didn’t see or hear about the rage amongst your leftist buddies, doesn’t mean the outrage didn’t exist.

    However, there is a huge difference between the cops shot in NY and the other police. In the other instances, the people who did the shooting were not applauded by anyone. In NY, the deaths of the officers were applauded by those on the left.

    I am not one for the idea that rantings of anyone causes a person to go out and shoot someone as I feel that people should take responsibility for their own actions. However, your refusal to look at what has happened here, as well as trying to blame everyone else for the vitriol and hatred coming from the left and you says much about you.

    No wonder you think your wife is delusional. She believes in forgiveness and salvation. You believe in hate.

  10. Jeffery says:


    No wonder you think your wife is delusional.

    This sick obsession you have with my wife is disquieting.

    Mr. Teach: Please do NOT reveal my real name and email address to the sick delusional bastard that goes by gitarcarver. This happened to me once by a right-wing blogger here in St. Louis who also happened to have a radio show on the local FOX affiliate. I received physical threats from his thugs. My attorneys straightened it out.

    gq: Of course, you think the NY murders were worse. You’re a right-wing, Tea Party racist. The officers were murdered by a crazy Black man, saying he did it to avenge killings by police.

    Right-wingers Deny that there is an ultra-violent segment of their anti-government movement, egged on by conservative rhetoric. Remember, most terrorist incidents in America the last few decades were by right-wingers – clinic bombings, abortion provider murders, Olympic bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, political assassinations of police officers. You just assume that when Blacks are involved, things are worse.

    Conservatives are terrified that the government will allow “the Blacks” to get all riled up and out of control. Conservatives are frustrated that much of the bulwarks of their domination have been removed over the decades: Equalities for minorities, abortion rights protected, EPA, Obamacare etc.

  11. Jeffery says:


    Here’s a case where the police overreacted, but the “perps” were white so they didn’t need to shoot them.


    Two guys walk into a WalMart, take BB guns, load one and shoot around. The police arrest them. Since they were white the police didn’t need to shoot them.

  12. gitarcarver says:

    This sick obsession you have with my wife is disquieting.

    No one has an obsession with anyone. You are the one who called mothers such as your wife some evil name. You are the one who called your wife delusional. Of course, instead of stepping up and admitting your mistake, you try to blame others for who you are and what you say.

    A real man would have done that. A real man would have taken accountability for his actions. You, on the other hand, try to blame others.

    I received physical threats from his thugs.

    Man, talk about transference. You applaud those who call for violence against other people but then when you claim people were making threats against you, you say “mommy! The person on the internet is mean!”

    For the record, Jerky, you are the one who has threatened to send your sons after me. You are too much of a chicken to even do your own dirty work (well, at least try.) If you want to play the “victim” game, you should look elsewhere.

    Of course, you think the NY murders were worse.

    So you are happy with the murder of the cops? How sad for you that you think that two cops eating lunch deserved to die. As usual, your so called “thinking” fails on so many levels. It is interesting to note that you are happy with the deaths of two minority cops. You want to try and play the race card while celebrating the death of two minority cops.

    To some people – to some who have seen real racism – racism is a problem that can and should be addressed. For you, it is just a debate tactic to call people “racist” without foundation. Somehow you fail to see the racism in your own life. Somehow you fail to see the hatred of women in your own existence. Somehow you fail to see the threats you make against others.

    Grow up Jerky.

    Since they were white the police didn’t need to shoot them.

    So now Jerky is upset that cops aren’t killing people.

    Maybe you should reconsider your statement that your wife is delusional and realize that you are the delusional one.

    But you won’t. You don’t have the guts to evaluate anything in your life or world without looking through the lens or race and hatred for those who disagree with your views.

  13. Jeffery says:


    I didn’t call my wife delusional, you did. So, kiss my ass.

    I didn’t applaud those who called for violence, you did. So, kiss my ass.

    I didn’t claim all Christians must believe the same thing, even magic, you did. So, kiss my ass.

    I didn’t threaten to send my sons after you, I invited you to call their mother delusional in person. So, kiss my ass.

    I didn’t say the murdered NYPD cops deserved to die, you made that up. So, kiss my ass.

    Right, moron, I’m upset that cops are killing too few people. Kiss my ass.

    Insisting that the State be more responsible with the power to take citizen’s lives is not anti-police, nor does it excuse the criminal acts that put those citizen’s in jeopardy in the first place. But Black men committing petty crimes, or minding their own business get shot by police and white men don’t. In 2013, of the 27 officers killed by felonious assault, more officers were killed by whites(15) than by Blacks(11). In two cases the race of the killer was not identified. 5 were ambushed, 2 were making traffic stops and most, 20 were making an arrest or investigating alleged offenders/offenses. Each year a few officers are ambushed by far-right, anti-government wackos. White men and far-right cowards are greater threats to the police than are Black men.

    I don’t have to call your actions racist to make you one. Your actions do that. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that every cause you support harms Blacks, Mexicans, women and gays. Maybe you’re just a white supremacist and hate everyone who’s not Caucasian. Maybe you’re just an evangelical Christian bigot who hates everyone who doesn’t share your beliefs. Maybe you’re a wacko so-called sovereign citizen who supposes to be an island all to himself. Maybe you’re just a greedy Republican who imagines that you got this far alone. Maybe you’re a bit of each. What I do know is that you and those that think like you are harming America.

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