Mean Conservatives Abuse Transgender Woman

Big meanies

“So you lost your dick?”: Inside an Ivy league transphobia nightmare
Meredith Talusan thought her fancy liberal college would be a safe space for a trans student. Here’s the ugly truth

Earlier this month, Talusan was asked to leave her home at Telluride House, a cooperative living community loosely affiliated with Cornell that seeks to foster “self-governance and intellectual inquiry.”

Her crime? Protesting alleged harassment from a fellow resident, who at various points referred to her as “a man dressed as a woman” and as having “lost [her] dick.” A petition with more than 1,200 signatures has called on the Telluride Association, which oversees the House, to remove the alleged harasser and compensate Talusan for expenses she’s incurred finding alternate accommodations.

The Telluride Association is one of those hippie-dippie, social-justice/educational organizations full of well-meaning liberal folks. But the way it has failed to protect its first transgender resident is an object lesson in the ways those on the left can actually be even more unsympathetic — and in this case, vicious — as those who don’t even pretend to care about minority rights.

Oh, wait, this is about Liberals being jerks. Usually, one can rely on Salon to be ultra nutty in its hatred of Conservatives and just generally ultra nutty, but, they do run a few articles which make sense. In this case, liberals being jerks. Let’s face it, there are jerks throughout life. We cannot necessarily subscribe motives and jerkiness of a few to the overall collective at all times.

Of course, Salon did attempt to subscribe bad motives to all conservatives with that last bit about “those who don’t even pretend to care about minority rights”. But, actually Gabriel Arana is correct. We do not pretend to care about minority rights. We care about equal rights for all people, rather than sticking them in a box. Equal protection for all.

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