Warmist Calls For Hotcoldwetdry To Be Human Rights Issue

No one should ever be too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Nor have to deal with the wind, humidity, sunshine, or any weather condition that makes them uncomfortable or frizzes their hair. Personally, I’m getting tired of climate change induced cold and dry which creates lots of static cling

(ABC Australia) MARK COLVIN: The International Bar Association says climate change should become a human rights issue able to be challenged in a court of law.

It says the judiciary is inadequate for those suffering injustice because of global warming.

It will now attempt to draft a new model statute, or law, for people suffering the effects of climate change.

Usually, we can chalk this up to Progressives pushing for more governmental control, dominance if you will, over people. In this case, it appears more towards the ability of lawyers to generate more personal and corporate revenue from suits, based on junk science. By wrapping it into human rights, it makes it easier for them to win. Because, right now, they usually lose. Heck, they usually drop the suits after making a lot of noise.

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