Bolivian President Blames Capitalism For “Climate Change”

Many scoff when I and other Skeptics say “climate change” is primarily a political movement based on far left ideology, an ideology that despises capitalism (all while buying lots of stuff for themselves). A few Warmists have been honest, ones like Naomi Klein, who says specifically that capitalism must be destroyed to save Gaia from getting a fever. Here’s another

(Reason) Evo Morales, the president of the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia, is a superstar politician here at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP-20) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The press gaggle follows him around like puppies and enthusiastically applauds his unrelenting diatribes against rich industrialized countries. The headline is a quotation taken from Morales’ response to being asked at a press conference if he was optimistic about the summit meeting here in Lima? “The deep causes of global warming are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism,” asserted Morales. “If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution.”

Morales has long been an enemy of capitalism, constantly yammering on about it and wanting to destroy it

Morales further observed, “After thirty years of negotiations, global warming is still going on.” He added, “So many people and countries do not act responsibly. They are only thinking about profits, luxuries, and markets. They are not thinking about life, but only of money and how to accumulate more capital.”

Say, I wonder how he traveled from Bolivia to Lima. He sure didn’t walk.

Morales is just expressing the opinion of so many Warmists, who are also primarily Progressives. We see these anti-capitalists show up at all sorts of Leftist demonstrations, such as Occupy Wall Street, the Ferguson protests, and the Eric Garner ones. And “climate change” demonstrations.

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