Warmists Call For “Science Of Climate Diversity”

Apparently, “climate change” is not only a 1st World Problem, but a “White (Liberal) Problem”

Researcher calls for new ‘science of climate diversity’

There is cloud hanging over climate science, but one Cornell expert on communication and environmental issues says he knows how to help clear the air.

In the December issue of Nature Climate Change, Jonathon Schuldt ’04, assistant professor of communication, joins co-author Adam Pearson ’03, assistant professor of psychology at Pomona College, to argue that only by creating a “science of climate diversity” that helps guide researchers and public leaders can climate science and the larger climate-change movement overcome a crippling lack of ethnic and racial diversity. (snip)

…The report found that this “white Green Insiders club” narrows research and limits public engagement.

In other words, it is mostly White Liberals who truly give a damn about Hotcoldwetdry. By their own talking points, this makes “climate change” racist and bigoted.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Call For “Science Of Climate Diversity””

  1. Jeffery says:

    Speaking of talking points, I thought global warming was an international hoax to enable the poor countries (blacks and browns) to take money from wealthy white conservatives here in the US of A.

    Now you’re concerned that most climate scientists are white?


  2. I’m wondering if you understand how blog posts work? See, I write a bit and excerpt. The excerpt is where the concern lies. So, it would be folks on your side worried. Sheesh.

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