Surprise: Chris Christie Exonerated Yet Again

Here’s how’s reporter Steve Strunsky puts it

Christie bridge scandal report cannot determine if governor was involved

An interim report by the joint legislative panel investigating last year’s controversial lane closures at the George Washington Bridge could not determine if Gov. Chris Christie had any direct involvement, and suggests that a former aide to the governor, Bridget Anne Kelly, may have violated state law.

The report, reviewed by NJ Advance Media, also said it was not clear why Kelly sent an email directing a Christie-backed official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to close the lanes and snarl traffic for five days in Fort Lee.

“At present, there is no conclusive evidence as to whether Governor Chris Christie was or was not aware of the lane closures either in advance of their implementation or contemporaneously as they were occurring,” the report states. “Nor is there conclusive evidence as to whether Governor Christie did or did not have involvement in implementing or directing the lane closures.”

In other words, this Democrat report can’t find any evidence that Christie was involved. So, of course, the language is highly tempered. Investigation after investigation has found Christie innocent of any involvement. Think we’ll hear this on the evening news? How about the NY Times? They put it on page A32, with a fair bit of spin. And this report itself was heavily spun to dismiss the findings, namely that the allegations were a bunch of mule fritters.

If Democrats have concrete evidence of wrongdoing, let’s hear it. Let’s see. Lord knows, I am not a fan of Christie. He’s fine as the NJ governor. He’s entirely too squishy to be the GOP presidential candidate for my liking. But, if you are going to accuse someone of wrongdoing, have some evidence, not politically motivated talking points.

This is what Democrats are doing to destroy political adversaries: lawfare. They’ve done it against Christie, Scott Walker, and many other Republicans. Interestingly, when Democrats actually break the law, Democrat concern seems to disappear.

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