Study: Liberal Brains Shut Down When They Hear Facts

Well, really, the study is more about teens

The Teen Brain “Shuts Down” When It Hears Mom’s Criticism


Here’s the main take-away: when listening to Moms’ criticism, and for a period afterwards, the teens’ brains showed more activity in areas involved in negative emotions (no surprise there), but they actually showed reduced activity in regions involved in emotional control and in taking other people’s point of view. This suggests, the researchers said, that in response to maternal criticism: “youth shut down social processing [and] possibly do not think about their parents’ mental states.” They add: “… the decrement in brain activity in regions involved in mentalizing or perspective taking could help to explain the high frequency of maladaptive conflict resolution in parent-adolescent dyads.”

In much the same way, Liberal brains block out any real world facts, speech, and writing that disagrees with their narrow world-view. They immediately resort to such tactics as personal attacks and deflections. Perhaps this is one of the reasons they utterly rely on talking points provided by their political masters.

The blocking out may also included symptoms that included rage.

This leads to, for instance, the ability of liberals to block out the notion that Michael Brown was a criminal who stole cheap cigars and assaulted the store owner, was a dumbass who walked in the middle of the street after just committing a crime, assaulted an officer of the law and tried to take his gun, then came back for more assault. These same liberals then decided that it is a great idea to celebrate the criminal by rioting, looting, and arson within their own community.

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One Response to “Study: Liberal Brains Shut Down When They Hear Facts”

  1. Jeffery says:

    When dealing with far-rightists, always remember: “It’s always projection”.

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