Surprise: Obama Never Thought It Would Be So Hard To Replace U.S. Stewardship Of Internet

Hey, according to Obama the U.S. is just another country, nothing special, so, hey, why not give up control of of the open Internet? As The Lonely Conservative notes “Some day we can tell our kids and grandkids about the time when the internet was free”

(WSJ) We’re at the midpoint between the Obama administration’s March announcement that it would end U.S. protection of the open Internet and September 2015, when the change is supposed to happen. During this time, there has been no progress finding an alternative for protecting the Internet from authoritarian governments.

That’s no surprise—except to Obama administration officials who apparently never considered how hard it would be to replace U.S. stewardship.

Since the Clinton administration, the U.S. Commerce Department has overseen key operations of the Internet, preventing other governments from politicizing the Internet outside their borders. Bill Clinton opposed the Obama plan soon after it was announced, warning: “A lot of people who have been trying to take this authority away from the U.S. want to do it for the sole purpose of cracking down on Internet freedom.”

Well, apparently it would be too much work for Obama to deal with. That small, white, dimpled ball isn’t going to get in the hole on its own, ya know. The Lonely Conservative goes on

All the administration has to do is renew the contract with Icann, but they refuse to do so, and have not responded to Freedom of Information Act requests for the legal justification for acting without the consent of Congress. Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar?

We also have to seriously consider that this is what Obama wants. An open Internet which allows views from non-Progressives is dangerous to the Progressive agenda. Can’t have people learning un-approved thoughts.

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