Forget Data And Facts, Climate Change Debate Needs A More Personal Touch

So says Warmist Wendy Harmer at the uber Warmist Sydney Morning Herald, who fails to note that the debate already has a personal touch, what with Warmists calling for re-education camps, jail, and death for those who refuse to believe in their little cult

Climate doesn’t have to be a dry argument

Data and graphs aren’t getting the climate change message across in Australia. It’s time for a more personal touch.

In other words, those pesky facts and data that destroy Climatist’s talking points and computer models should be ignored in favor of more spreading awareness. Ms. Harmer would like to see a gentler, kindler type of spreading awareness, though

So how to get climate change on the boil?

Marshall talked to filmmakers, teachers, behavioural scientists and advertisers to find out how make climate change something people care about and act upon. One mistake activists make, he says, is to continue to argue with climate change deniers who are the other minority group at the table. The majority look on with dismay, and then apathy.

Then there’s the “we’re all going to die” message that provokes anxiety and helplessness and leads to a group think of silence.

Instead, says Marshall, the narrative should be optimistic and enthusiastic about creating a cleaner, greener, more just world. Emphasising new, exciting technologies and being honest about what we’ll gain as well as lose in the end of the fossil fuel era. And, most importantly, it’s about telling human stories – like the one of the Mother’s Day carnations.

Marshall’s message has been hailed by climate change communicators as essential reading and they are sure to change gear and accentuate the positive and the personal.

She’s referring to “George Marshall in his much-lauded book published this August Don’t Even Think About It – Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change….”, which is all the rage in Warmist World, because it further allows them to ignore the reality of their failed cult.

But, hey, good luck with getting Warmists to be optimistic and enthusiastic (in a good way), because Progressive brains are wired to be nasty, vile people who aren’t truly interested in debate, discussion, nor civility. They want to personally ruin and destroy those who disagree with them politically. And they very much live in an inner city liberal bubble

Marskon countered that it was “laughable” that climate change was a hot topic. “In terms of mainstream Australia it’s definitely going off the boil,” she asserted. “People are worried about … our economy, about their own personal household budgets as well as university, what’s happening with Medicare, about the cost of living.”

Climate change may well be a conversation I was having at my house, she said, but it wasn’t being had “out in the suburbs and in the tabloid newspapers”.

After the show, a trusted friend said, “Sorry, Sharri was dead right”. “You’re a card-carrying greenie. You don’t get it,” added my (now, former) friend.

Climate change isn’t even a 1st World Problem, it’s a Liberal Bubble World Problem. Notice how the friend is now a former friend. Of course, we’re only able to assume that the friend is now a former friend due to the friend failing to have the same beliefs as Ms. Harmer.

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14 Responses to “Forget Data And Facts, Climate Change Debate Needs A More Personal Touch”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Since Science Deniers are immune to facts and reason, another approach should be considered. The belief system of hard-core, far-right Deniers becomes more firmly entrenched the more data they see.

    Poll after poll shows Deniers to be minority, but a very vocal minority that now owns the US House. They hold sway over another minority that is unsure of the mechanisms for the Earth’s warming.

    There is no doubt that the Earth is rapidly warming. There is no doubt that most of the current warming is from humans burning fossil fuels. Unabated global warming will make life more difficult for humans.

  2. John says:

    Teach many deniers believe this hoax is all part of a giant Jewish plot to control the planet through carbon taxing

  3. david7134 says:

    Jeff and John,
    Always remember that when Gruber was referring to the stupid people, he was not talking about us rednecks. He clearly was focused on manipulating your thoughts and actions. Now, please tell me where one finds this so called data. That is the stuff that has not been massaged.

  4. jl says:

    There is great doubt that the world is warming. There is even greater doubt that the warming that’s not happening is caused by CO2. “Polls show deniers to be a minority.” As usual from J, completely irrelevant.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Only the scientifically illiterate Deny that the Earth is warming. Even Mr. Teach from time to time admits that the Earth is warming.

    What do you think is causing the warming? Magic? God?

  6. gitarcarver says:

    What do you think is causing the warming? Magic? God?

    You and john really need to email each other so you can take turns posting the same discredited and answered questions.

    All you do when you ask this is show that you either don’t read responses or are so dishonest that you are willing to continually lie.

    It is probably a combination of both.

  7. Jeffery says:


    What is your hypothesis explaining the current rapid warming of the Earth?

  8. gitarcarver says:


    You have asked that question lots of times before, gotten an answer and chosen not to address it.

    So the better question to ask yourself is “why do you not examine ideas that are contrary to your own beliefs, especially when those beliefs have been shown to be false?”

    Are you that much of a dishonest ostrich?

  9. Jeffery says:


    Magic it is.

  10. gitarcarver says:

    As I said Jeffery, we have gone down this path before and each time you ignore the answers that are given.

    If you want to believe in magic, that’s fine with me.

    I will believe in what is discernible and provable – like AGW is a hoax and you are a moron.

  11. Jeffery says:


    You can call me names, spout stupid lies but not one sentence to explain global warming?


  12. gitarcarver says:

    As I said, Jeffery, I have answered this question before and you have stuck your head in the sand.

    I know that you think that you know it all, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t listen to other people’s point of view and that anyone that states something that you disagree with, you call names, insult and then deny they ever answered you.

    I am tired of playing your silly childish game where you get answers and then deny that you did.

    It is not up to me to teach you to read or act like an adult.

  13. Jeffery says:

    So you’ve forgotten? Not even a single sentence to support your disdain of the Theory of Global Warming?

    There are thousands of scientific papers supporting the theory – all major Academies of Science, almost all scientists, all major scientific bodies support the theory that humans burning fossil fuels, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere, is causing the Earth to warm.

    Do you have an alternative hypothesis?

  14. gitarcarver says:

    So you’ve forgotten?

    Asked and answered Jeffery.

    It must really be horrible to not be able to handle a conversation when you cannot remember what you have discussed in the past.

    Go take your meds.

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