Yet Another Hysterical Article Blaming Cold And Snowy Winters On AGW

Climanitwits, and one of the best amongst the major media is Chris Mooney

(Washington Post) It may be the timeliest — and most troubling — idea in climate science.

Back in 2012, two researchers with a particular interest in the Arctic, Rutgers’ Jennifer Francis and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Stephen Vavrus, published a paper called “Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes.” In it, they suggested that the fact that the Arctic is warming so rapidly is leading to an unexpected but profound effect on the weather where the vast majority of us live — a change that, if their theory is correct, may have something to do with the extreme winter weather the U.S. has seen lately. (snip)

According to Francis, the extreme U.S. winter of last year and now, the extremes at the beginning of this season, fit her theory. “This winter looks a whole lot like last winter, it’s a very amplified jet stream pattern,” she says. “We know that when we get these patterns, it tends to be very persistent. And it is definitely the type of pattern that we expect to see more often as the Artic continues to warm so fast.”

So,  let’s see,  be Warmist Theory,  the last glacial period must have been super duper hot.

These wankers have created a tautology where by nothing can ever disprove their beliefs. Yes,  what they are positing is poppycock, a big stinky load of mule fritters,  but Warmists are too fanatical to understand nor ever give up. They are as far removed from science as those practicing witchcraft.

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3 Responses to “Yet Another Hysterical Article Blaming Cold And Snowy Winters On AGW”

  1. Jeffery says:

    So, let’s see, be (sic) Warmist Theory, the last glacial period must have been super duper hot.

    Mmm, no. During the last glacial period the Earth was about 4 to 8 degrees C cooler than now. The entire Earth is colder during glacial periods – and for a 100,000 years or so.

    A warming period like now (and understand there has been no warm period like this before) doesn’t mean there are no longer cold snaps over 2% of the Earth’s surface.

    Are the unusual cold snaps and heavy snows because of global warming. Maybe, maybe not.

    Do the cold snaps and snows mean global warming is a hoax? Of course not.

  2. Kevin says:

    It’s important to laugh about this kind of stuff. Otherwise it’ll just make you angry. Global warming causes everything that is remotely bad. But any good weather we have… well, that’s just weather.

    I’ve heard global warming blamed for almost everything.

    Stronger storms
    Lack of storms
    An end to lake effect rain/snow
    An increase in lake effect rain/snow
    Meteors (by an ‘especially’ uninformed CNN lady)
    destruction of sea life that we like
    increased production of sea life that we don’t like
    And end to polar bears
    the end of ice at the poles
    Extinction of animals (so far this has proved roughly 0.00% correct)
    Cats and dogs sleeping together

    Ok, I made that last one up. But you get my point. If we have a calamity in the future, some scientist paid to trump up climate armageddon will claim that “we’ve always known climate change causes [insert calamity here].

  3. JGlanton says:

    Jeffery pontificates: “(and understand there has been no warm period like this before)”

    ROFLOL! Yeah in your religion I suppose that is true. That’s like saying God created the world 4000 years ago, or an angel told Muhammed to wipe his ass with stones because using sticks and leaves could anger a Jin who might eat them.

    There has been no warm period like this, except for the Holocene I and Holocene II and the Minoan and the Roman and the Medieval. And those are just the “modern” paleoclimate records. If you want to go back to meaningful geologic eras, start with the last interglacial 130K years ago when it was 4C warmer than now. Or we can go back 10-50 million years ago where it was always a lot warmer than the modern era. Nothing like the Eocene Era with jungles everywhere, and hey, don’t forget when cold-blooded dinosaurs roamed most of the Earth’s land area.

    But no, in Jeffery’s religion, none of that happened. Time began in 1700 during the LIA when it was pretty chilly. Or during the 1960’s when it was chilly. So now any warming is a sign from the Prophet Gore that man must repent or die.

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