Irony: Team Obama Launches Climate Change Tool Kit As Nation Freezes

What is the Gore Effect? It’s the notion that every time Al Gore shows up, the weather refuses to cooperate with Warmist prognostication, and we get unusual cold and snow. This has been stretched for times when Gore isn’t even there. Perhaps we should now start calling it the Obama Effect

(Breitbart) On Monday, President Barack Obama announced the release of a global warming “toolkit,” one day before all 50 U.S. states fell below freezing temperatures.

The White House says its “resilience toolkit” is an extension of Obama’s “Climate Action Plan” released last year which created the “State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience” to help battle pollution and “record heat waves.”

Here in Raleigh, we broke a 111 year low. Snow and cold is pummeling the Northeast. Buffalo saw a historic snowstorm

The snows have a chance to be historic, not only for Buffalo, whose five-day snowfall record of 81.6 inches appears to be in jeopardy with another big storm on the way later this week, but for America, too. AccuWeather reports that at the storm’s current pace, a nationwide 24-hour snowfall record—76 inches in Silver Lake, Colorado, back in April 1921—could fall later today.

Warmist Eric Holthaus has some great photos of snow at that link from Instagram, such as

A photo posted by CK (@jortsforlife) on

And then there’s this for Tuesday morning

Of course, Warmist are sure to find a way to blame this all on “climate change”.

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One Response to “Irony: Team Obama Launches Climate Change Tool Kit As Nation Freezes”

  1. Blick says:

    Climate Change is Real. It just happens to be getting colder instead of the predicted hotter. Therefore, the increased C02 makes things colder not hotter. The evidence proves it. Hey, science is so much fun to do — take two facts and make up a conclusion — this is easy-queasy.

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