Vox: How to stop global warming, in 7 steps or something

And,  as usual,  something is missing. The article by hyper-alarmist Brad Plumer is referencing the silly report release from the highly politicized and far left IPCC. I’m skipping right to their “steps”

(Vox) 1) Right now, the world is failing badly at its climate goals

That’s step one? Really? Maybe they wouldn’t be failing if warmists would practice what they preach.

2) Hitting those goals will require sharp emissions cuts — and soon

Not so much a step as a whine.

3) Cutting emissions will require a massive technological push

The primary way they think this could be done is through… You got it…. a carbon tax. At least it resembles a “step”.

4) We’d also likely need to pull carbon out of the atmosphere

Except,   those technologies are largely imaginary, which even the IPCC admits.

5) Cutting emissions will cost us — but so will global warming

That old canard of Hotcoldwetdry killing economies. Funny how the economic activity during periods of rising temperatures have actually been very good for humanity.

6) Countries will have to start working together for a change

How’d that work out with The Kyoto Protocol? Almost no signatory countries came close to their goals.

7) Even if we cut emissions, we’ll still need to adapt to a hotter world

And then we’ll have to adapt to a cooler world when another Holocene cool period kicks in.

Obviously, any step that includes Believers getting off their duffs, giving up on spreading awareness, and walking the talk was completely avoided. As usual.

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2 Responses to “Vox: How to stop global warming, in 7 steps or something”

  1. david7134 says:

    I have just found out that the EPA has mandated that Louisiana reduce its carbon output by 40% and that SWEPCO must close 4 power plants. That translates to higher utility bills and no business growth. We need to get rid of the EPA. It has accomplished its original mission and is now just a political tool.

  2. Blick says:

    These are not steps. At best they are comments, then complaints and whines. Good luck with international cooperation; the UN is dysfunctional and their WarmistGroup, the ICCP, is no better. The USA is out of money and leadership, the USSR is back in the empire-building business, China will not give up its economic growth or military expansion, neither will India or Brazil. Technology advancement in energy production is the best answer. Second best is greater conservation, but that takes energy fueled economic growth.

    EPA has abandoned its scientific mandate and is just another out of control political power arm of the leftists. It is no longer possible to tell if they care or are actually cleaning up the air and water.

    warmists need to give up private transportation, air travel, air conditioning, hot showers and hot food, electronic communications, and reduce their footprint to 1850’s lifestyle.

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