Are You Ready For Higher Taxes Due To Govt “Climate Change” Regulation?

I mentioned Friday that Team Obama was going to release all sorts of papers and a supposed “climate change” plan Friday, and now we have a few more details

(The Hill) The Obama administration released thousands of pages on Friday documenting federal agencies’ vulnerabilities to climate change and what those agencies plan to do about it.

In all, 38 agencies released climate change adaptation reports and sustainability plans to address climate threats and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the federal government.

Many of these “plans” mean costs for running those 38 agencies will increase, which means less money for core missions, which means Democrats will want to take an even bigger bite out of citizen paychecks.

The Postal Service is worried about “increased flooding, rising sea levels and more intense weather events” that could “disrupt its ability to provide mail service and increase costs for maintaining infrastructure.”

Fortunately, more and more people are forgoing the use of the USPS.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) calls climate change “one of the top public health challenges of our time.”

Fortunately, everyone will be forced to get crappy Ocare plans which they cannot afford to use.

NASA found that 66 percent of its assets are within 16 feet of mean sea level, and that beach erosion is encroaching on the nation’s “access to space.”

Fortunately, NASA barely bothers with Space anymore.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will issue design and construction standards for new buildings to be 30 percent more sustainable and cost effective.

Well, hey, no problem there, the FBI isn’t allowed to investigate a lot of issues, thanks to our highly politicized Attorney General.

Under the sustainability plans, other agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency will cut heating and cooling loads in its labs.

No mention whether the Obama White House will change their own energy consumption patterns to comply. Nor anything about Obama significantly reducing his massive use of fossil fuels to campaign, fundraise, vacation, and play golf.

What does all this mean? Democrats pushing for higher taxes to pay for it all.

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