US Homeland Security moves to tackle climate change risks

Good news. They aren’t particularly interested in securing the border or any of their other responsibilities, but, Hotcoldwetdry? They’re on it

(Retuers) Protecting the infrastructure of American cities from the effects of climate change is rising on the agenda of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to a top agency official.

“Increasingly, we’ve moved not only from a security focus to a resiliency focus,” said Caitlin Durkovich, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at Homeland Security, an agency better known for its fight to curb terrorist threats.

Durkovich spoke Thursday on a panel at the Rising Seas Summit, a three-day conference organized by the U.S.-based Association of Climate Change Officers to discuss tools and ideas on building resiliency, particularly against rising sea levels.

They’re doing a piss poor job of controlling the border, keeping out terrorists, monitoring the illegals they let in, securing cyberspace, etc and so on, and now they’re going to piss away their budget on “climate change”. Super.

To help communities develop resilience, Alex said, California is part of a pilot program under which AmeriCorps, the Corporation for National and Community Service, will dispatch 50 young people to educate local communities about climate adaptation and resilience.

Ah. I see. This is a way to provide overpriced jobs to Democrat voters who obtained worthless degrees from colleges.

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10 Responses to “US Homeland Security moves to tackle climate change risks”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Mr. Teach will be the last American left shilling for the oil and coal industry – even as the industry shifts to renewables. Why? Because Mr. Teach hates liberals.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    An thus our resident childish liberal trots out an insult.

    Just a few days ago he was whining how in his opinion people were insulting him and not dealing with the issue raised in a post. The claim was spurious but that is the way he is – always the victim.

    Now in his latest rant he attacks the owner of the site without dealing with the substance of the post.

    If it weren’t so sad, Jeffery’s hypocrisy and lack of intellectual morals (and morals in general) would be funny.

    As it is, it is just evidence of de-evolution of a bitter liberal.

  3. david7134 says:

    I really think old Jeff is short a few marbles, well, maybe more than a few. He clearly hates himself and has this white guilt thing. He wants to expound and pontificate but lacks the credentials and knowledge to do so. In many ways I feel sorry for the guy.

  4. jl says:

    The oil and coal industry will do just fine, J. Cheap energy. Even low information liberals can’t overcome the laws of economics.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Oil and coal are not cheap. The damage from CO2 will run into the trillions.

    dave, Thanks for your concern but I’ll be OK.

    poor gc, I didn’t insult Mr. Teach AND I did address his post. Perhaps I was too subtle. Even the DHS recognizes the enormity of global warming. Mr. Teach will be the last.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    I didn’t insult Mr. Teach AND I did address his post.


    Being called a “shill” is a compliment?

    And you addressing his post is to say “Teach hates liberals?”

    Even you can’t be that dumb and desperate to stand by this one.

    Oh wait.

    You are and did.

    And promptly got called out for the small minded liberal hypocrite you are.

  7. Jeffery says:

    ‘Shill’ is a fact, not an insult.

    When was the last time you actually addressed an issue here?

    Come back when you’re ready to discuss issues.

    Buh bye

  8. John says:

    No Teach you don’t see
    Americorps pays less than 1000 per month

  9. gitarcarver says:

    ‘Shill’ is a fact, not an insult.

    Right. Because “shill” is used in a complimentary way all the time.

    Caught in your own lies and hypocrisy, you now have moved into the world of delusion.

    When was the last time you actually addressed an issue here?

    I do it more often than you, but of course, that is not the real issue, is it?

    You whine and complain when people address issues and you say they are insulting you. When you insult someone and don’t address the point of the post, you fall into to this fantasy world.

    It’s kind of fun to watch because you have become predictable – in a sad, pathetic sort of way.

    Come back when you’re ready to discuss issues.

    Trying to take over the site?

    I’ll come back if and when I want to until the owner of the site asks me not to. That owner isn’t you, as much as you would like it to be.

    Buh bye

    Running away?


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