You Need To Give Up Burgers To Save The Planet From Getting A Fever

Yeah, I mean you. Not the article writers. You. Here’s Warmists Alex Rodin

If you really care about climate change you’ll stop eating burgers

Give up meat, save the planet. It really could be that simple, as new research warns that without radical changes to our diets, the food industry alone is likely to cause an 80 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, exceeding the current emissions targets for the entirety of the global economy.

This creates something of a dilemma for steak loving environmentalists, like myself, who have so far managed to skirt around the issue of meat, instead preferring to focus our righteous efforts on recycling yoghurt pots or investing in energy efficient light bulbs.

Burgers, chops and pies are regular winners of the daily contest to satiate my carnivorous cravings. But, every tenderly roasted, lovingly stewed and patiently encrusted bit of flesh, that once made salivary glands froth and bellies expand, are now unambiguous contributors to the climate change problem.

If you guessed that nowhere in the article does Mr. Rodin write that he has given up meat, you’d be entirely correct. Surprise!!!! Well, not really, for those who’ve followed the insane ramblings of Warmists.

Obviously, the Everyone Else needs to give up meat to stop Hotcoldwetdry is not a new meme, though they have circled back to it over the past two weeks. There was a big doomsaying article at Motherboard. Sarah Spickernell hyperventilated over the issue of a meat created hell on earth doom

Bad news, hamburger fans. New research shows that if we are going to have any chance of slowing down climate change, we must eat less meat.

We tend to concentrate on practices such as fracking and emissions from coal-based power stations when we consider the prevention of climate change, but a paper published today in Nature Climate Change suggests that the impact of eating habits is no trivial matter.

Well, bad news for Warmists, because they’ll have to flog themselves mentally for a couple of minutes, bow towards Washington, D.C., say a few Hail Gores, promise to spread awareness and take a drive to an anti-fossil fuel protest, then tuck into a nice juicy piece of cow.

There are plenty of articles dealing with the same issue, and they are all about “we”, but never say “yes, I’ve give up meat to save the planet.”

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5 Responses to “You Need To Give Up Burgers To Save The Planet From Getting A Fever”

  1. Blick says:

    But, but, but, Carbs cause obesity. Must not eat meat to cool planet. Only fruits, nuts and vegies left for din-din. Internal methane production increases, must not fart, will warm climate.

    Warmists are insane.

  2. jl says:

    Next, I’d like to see them give up ethanol to save some forests from being cut down to grow corn.

  3. Jeffery says:


    Thanks for offering absolutely no insight into the topic other than to call others “hypocrites”!!

    Is it true that the meat industry contributes significantly to global warming? Who knows? And you didn’t add anything relevant to the discussion other than to mock those with whom you disagree.

  4. Blick says:

    Nothing wrong with ethanol as long it is for Drinking, not Driving.

    I love Jeffery’s sarcasm. He’s a hoot.

  5. The Neon Madman says:

    I ain’t compromising.

    You can have my burger when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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