Enviros Wonder Why “Green” Groups Are So Darned Lilly White

Visiting any hardcore enviro/climate change groups is almost like attending a Redheads Of Alaska meeting. The white is blinding

Green must diversify or die

Roughly 50 environmentalists of various racial backgrounds — African American, Native American, Latina, and Caribbean — gathered at the National Press Club yesterday with a message for mainstream green institutions: If you are serious about diversity, then put your money where your mouth is or suffer the consequences later.

The newly launched Diverse Environmental Leaders National Speakers Bureau, or “DEL,” convened yesterday on the 98th birthday of the National Park Service to convey chiefly two things: That environmentalists of color are plentiful and available as employees and leaders, and that environmental groups and government agencies have no legitimate excuses for having predominantly white workforces.

Let’s face it, the enviro groups are racists. That’s what any Conservative group/company would be portrayed, would they not? There would be lots of KKK comparisons being thrown out.

BTW, it’s not just the workforces, but the leadership, as well. And the high poobahs, like Michael Moore, Al Gore, et all.

Danielle Deane of The Raben Group, who spoke on behalf of the Green 2.0 working group, pointed to anecdotes published in the report from philanthropists and board members saying they can’t locate qualified candidates of color. Plenty of data exists on the supply of talent, she said, but foundations and executives “still think the supply is the challenge.”

“To make a serious dent in this diversity challenge, it will take us raising our voices to make them demand our talent,” Deane said.

I actually have a better idea, in all seriousness: start your own environmental/climate change group/company to compete.

Still, I’m going to brand the modern enviro/climate change movement as racist. They have to prove they aren’t.

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